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aelf Unveils the Top of Oasis Hackathon Judging Criteria

aelf hackathon sets off in Top of OASIS being the first stop, which will certainly strike a memorable mark in aelf history. The submission channel of the Top of Oasis hackathon is closed now, and the project evaluation will officially commence on February 24! The winning teams will eventually become a part of aelf ecology, receiving handsome bonuses and technical and resource support. In this article, we will fulfill an informative role of introducing the elaborately-formulated evaluation criteria and the judging panel composed of industry-leading experts.

Evaluation Period

February 24–28, 2022

Evaluation Criteria

Participants need to deploy their projects on the aelf mainnet, which needs to be completely open-source. The equitable appraisal is based upon the following criteria:

1. Technology

2. Concept innovation

3. Ecological contribution

4. Market potential

5. Code integrity

Judging Panel Composition

The evaluation panel consists of aelf technical team and specially invited judges. The big names, Icebreg, the Head of Security Technology from BITMAIN; Jackie Chao, Software Architect from Bountyblock; Heisenberg Zhao, Co-founder of Cypher9 Ventures; Zhuling Chen, CEO of RockX; Yukun Hao, the Secretary-General of Computer Society Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers Committee; Tongming Liang, MVP of Microsoft; Senna, Security Engineer of Tencent; Knownseclab team; will attend aelf hackathon as specially invited judges, for scouting for qualified projects.

On February 28, a group of remarkable entrepreneurs will make their debuts in aelf, and the winning team will receive handsome bonuses and technical and resource support, and truly become a part of aelf ecology. We have also convinced a smooth and rapid development in aelf ecology with their involvement.




ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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