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aelf Web3.0 Hackathon “Legend X” Coming, Pre-Registration Portal Opens Now

aelf’s first hackathon, Top of OASIS, has been proven to be fruitful and we would like to thank all the participant teams and our community members for your support.

The event received registration from nearly 100 developer teams with around 30 of them competing till the last stage. After a thorough inspection of these projects, we finally decided on the recipient of our prizes in each track. For the full list of these winners and an introduction of these projects, please visit “

To express our profound gratitude to all our community members and devoted teams, aelf is thrilled to announce the host of the second hackathon in April. For developers, the event shall come with more diversified tracks to compete within, higher prize to win and more assistance from the host team. While for community members, they shall have bigger chance of earning our incentive rewards and will be granted greater power to choose their favourite projects.

About the Hackathon

Time: April — June

Venue: Online

Theme: Web3.0

Tracks: DAO, NFT, GameFi, DeFi, DID Network, SocialFi, Creator Economy, and all the Web3.0 infrastructures

In addition to these prizes, aelf also sets up various awards and incentive programmes. Check the following:

  • Different Theme Awards offer an opportunity for projects in different tracks compete under the same criteria, selecting the most popular, most eco-friendly and innovative idea.
  • A variety of NFT Badges will be rewarded to different parties, including the Arcane NFT for developers who make special contribution to aelf’s ecology. And with that NFT badge, those teams or individuals will enjoy privileges and have greater rights in the future development of aelf.
  • Grant Pool and Seed Fund facilitates interaction between projects and our community users through Quadratic Voting. Voters express their approval and fondness for certain projects with each ELF they donate and the votes received will go directly to the team. Also, aelf prepares $400,000 to fund the most-liked projects and other promising teams.
  • To encourage more users to vote, we have Community Incentive Programmes where users get free ELF for participating in and promoting the event. Your invitation, votes and posts on social media are your tickets to our grand prizes.

All these campaigns bring the total amount of prize supplied to $525,000 worth of ELF. Yeah you hear it right, over Half a Million!

How to Join:

The hackathon is open to a variety of developers and innovators as long as you have a feasible solution to address blockchain’s issues, to complement aelf’s ecosystem or to bring revolution to the industry.

The pre-registration starts now and keeps open until April 13. During the pre-registration period, developer teams can submit their application for the host team’s review.

Pre-registration Portal:

Join developer group on telegram to catch up with the updates of the events:







ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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