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Aelf will be listed on BitForex Currency Exchange on July 10th

Aelf will be listed on BitForex Currency Exchange on July 10th.

Project positioning

The main goal of Aelf is to solve the problem of community governance structure with low performance, resource isolation and partial centrality in the current ETH blockchain network. Aelf adopts the “main chain + multi-side chain” architecture, the main chain guarantees decentralization, and the multi-side chain realizes resource isolation to ensure network speed. Aelf uses different consensus algorithms in the main chain and side chain networks to achieve efficient community governance.

Project highlights

“Main chain + side chain” architecture to effectively achieve resource isolation and improve network performance

The existing ETH network performance is not able to support high concurrent applications. Because the fiery CryptoKitties virtual cat game event at the beginning of the year occupied 20% of the entire Ethereum traffic, directly causing ETH network congestion, which was caused by an excessive concentration of ETH network resources. Aelf uses the main chain and a number of branch side chains attached to the main chain. The main chain is the cornerstone of the aelf system, including the token system and the dynamic indexing system. The side chain is designed to handle only certain types of transactions according to the specific scenario. The chain does not occupy the main chain resource, and the link between the main chain and the side chain is established through a dynamic indexing system.

Figure 1. Overview of aelf architecture

In terms of ecological interaction with mainstream blockchains, Aelf provides adapters and blockchain networks such as BTC, ETH, and EOS for cross-chain interaction.

Token economy system based on DPoS+PoW consensus

The Aelf main chain uses the DPoS mechanism to motivate the entire chain of the main chain (professional accounting) to maintain the stability of the Aelf system. The side chain uses the PoW mechanism to be responsible for the issuance of the token ELF. The side chain system needs to pay the handling fee to the main chain system to establish an index relationship with the main chain. The Aelf main chain system determines the commission rate according to the contribution of the side chain to the Aelf ecosystem. Any sidechain can customize the indexing strategy to become the mainchain of other sub-chains. The Aelf system provides infrastructure such as built-in sidechain development templates and sidechain cross-chain communication.

Figure 2. Multi-level side chain structure

Figure 3. Aelf system index charging mechanism

Project Benefits

For ETH/EOS, Aelf has a multi-level sidechain structure and a cross-chain communication protocol, which can be deployed horizontally on the service group to form an acceleration network to improve network throughput and performance.

Ma Haobo, the founder of the project, was a senior blockchain industry practitioner before he founded the Aelf project. Ma Haobo is an early practitioner in the field of digital assets. He used to be a GemPay CTO, AllCoin CTO and is currently a member of the China Electronics Association Blockchain Expert Committee.

Project review

Aelf’s vision is to create a high-performance, customizable blockchain underlying system that addresses the current poor performance of blockchain networks, lack of scalability, and decentralized community governance. The goal is to create high performance standards for ETH and EOS. Decentralized a new generation of an underlying public chain, Aelf has a high ambition, and in the fiercely competitive public chain field, the rapid landing of projects and the establishment of an ecosystem is undoubtedly the best weapon to win. As a domestic public chain, we expect aelf to stand out.

Project trends

Aelf will officially list on the BitForex exchange on July 10. It is reported that the BitForex exchange has now jumped to the fourth place in the global ranking of the coinmarketcap exchange. The newly launched 3.0 flagship version is divided into three functional areas, The currency trading function area has been opened, including USDT and ETH trading channels, and the contract trading and legal currency trading functions will be opened one after another. More exciting features are expected.




ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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