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aelf Won “2019 Most Technologically Innovative Public Chain” Award

On December 27, 2019 “Creating with the Times” blockchain awards reception hosted by Jinse Finance was held in Beijing. This awards reception revealed winners from the blockchain industry to award people who had outstanding achievements in 2019. aelf has stood out from more than 100 blockchain projects and won the “2019 Most Technologically Innovative Public Chain” award.

This list comprehensively refers to opinions from the blockchain expert review team and online votings. The list selection includes blockchain policymaking companies, investment institutions, public chains, applications, mining pools, wallets, service agencies, media, and community platforms. There are many other dimensions, covering the entire ecosystem of the upstream and downstream blockchain ecosystems. It has a high degree of authority and reference. For public chain projects, the judging panel objectively evaluated candidate projects from four indicators: security, technical capabilities, performance, and application capabilities, and finally selected companies and projects that are expected to lead the industry’s future.

In the past few years, aelf, as a practitioner and explorer, continuously explore the blockchain technology extremes and boundaries, provide enterprise-level users with autonomous, efficient, secure, and suitable blockchain solutions for commercialization.

aelf is the world’s first blockchain network with a parallel processing system. Nodes are able to freely scale up and out and can provide flexible computing capabilities and parallel processing capabilities for a large number of transactions. aelf’s database uses parallel processing, separation of databases, and processing units, which significantly improved the entire network’s performance and can provide excellent performance support for enterprise-level commercial applications. At the same time, aelf also uses innovative cross-chain collaboration mechanisms; development components are designed based on practicality, modularity, and pluggability. Enterprises and developers can quickly deploy aelf blockchain systems and build Dapps.

In the security aspect, aelf has developed a unique AEDPoS consensus mechanism based on the traditional DPoS mechanism. AEDPoS mechanism can effectively ensure the circulation and transmission of information and transactions in the main chain, as well as the randomness of block production sequence of all production nodes, which can effectively reduce the probability of malicious actions and greatly enhance the mainchain’s security.

aelf insists on technological innovation in real-life use case realizations, aelf took the lead in proposing and implementing the concept of verifiable random number generator: built-in ACS6 (aelf Contract Standard) interface, helping enterprise users directly and easily to call based on random numbers which defined by aelf. ACS6 provides developers with two standard calling interfaces: Request Random Number and Get Random Number. It supports both SDK implementations based on the aelf main chain and cross-contract calls.

Not long ago, aelf launched aelf Enterprise 0.9.1 and aelf Enterprise has listed on many cloud companies’ marketplaces such as AWS, Huawei Cloud, Azure, and Google Cloud. aelf Enterprise provides an efficient, convenient, and high-quality development environment for enterprise users. Also, it allows users to start their blockchain networks within 2 minutes and quickly implement nodes and create DAPPs.

aelf has gained market recognition for its idea of ​​technological innovation to promote commercial realization. At present, a government institution in Singapore intends to introduce a verifiable random number solution based on aelf to solve the insufficient transparency problems in the house selling and selecting processes. aelf technology will ensure the housing lottery’s decentralization and credibility. At present, commercial applications based on aelf have covered government and enterprise units, supply chains, financial, and other industries.

The road of technological innovation has no end, and aelf’s pace of searching for technological breakthroughs has never stopped. In the future, aelf will continue to focus on technological innovation, use new ideas to deliver new technologies and solutions to the market, develop and create a blockchain infrastructure that is more in line with corporate needs and business.

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