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aelf’s Hackathon Workshop 1 — An Introduction of the Deployment onto aelf and the Use of DApps

aelf’s Web3.0-Themed Hackathon, Legend X, is due for launch on April 20. The event, co-hosted by aelf and Devpost, brings together global developers for a grand Web3.0 competition.

aelf’s developer-friendliness is best presented through supporting the use of a mainstream programming language and dependable developer tools. aelf’s contract is written in C#, so it meets the demands of universal developers. aelf’s software development kit is a suite of practical, modular, and pluggable tools, with the help of which developers can easily build their own blockchain systems or develop smart contracts and DApps on top of aelf. In addition, aelf provides a full set of detailed instructions and relevant documents to help developers build DApps and participate in mainchain governance.

For the purpose of facilitating developers’ transition to Web3.0, Richard Huang, R&D Senior Manager at aelf, filmed this workshop video in which he shared how to use the essential tools of aelf through case studies and demonstrated the interactions between DApps and other applications such as blockchain browser extensions and wallets. Everything is done to relieve developers of the complex procedure so that they can grasp how to develop DApps on aelf within five minutes.

Here is a replay of the video.


Introduction of tools in aelf’s ecosystem

Introduction of aelf js SDK

How to use aelf-sdk.js

Interaction between DApps and blockchain browser extensions

Interaction between DApps and wallets

Introduction of aelf’s DeFi and NFT infrastructure

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ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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