Amazon AWS Supports the First Cross-chain Blockchain Project aelf, Deploy Your Own in Just One Click!

As of May 24th, aelf Enterprise 0.7.0 beta has been officially listed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s largest cloud computing platform. Developers can use the aelf Enterprise 0.7.0 beta Amazon Machine Image (AMI) on the AWS App Store to deploy their image quickly and launch aelf-based blockchain systems with a few simple commands. In addition, developers can access supporting tutorials, smart contracts, and Dapp samples.

AWS, a subsidiary of Amazon, is the largest Cloud Platform Provider in the world with tens of thousands of partners globally and millions of active customers. By listing aelf, AWS has provided visibility of our platform to customers including companies such as Netflix, NASA, AirBnB, Time Inc, Lionsgate, and Dow Jones. All AWS customers now have access to not only build on aelf, but to all the toolkits, documentation and supporting features.

One of aelf’s strongest technological features is the ability to process tens of thousands of transactions per second. aelf Enterprise 0.7.0 beta will provide high performance blockchain BaaS through massive cloud data storage, one-click-deployment blockchain toolkits and flexible DApp development modules — all functions attuned to test and implement blockchain with ease and precision by enterprises. aelf seeks to accelerate DAPP development and expand blockchain ecosystem by making aelf more accessible for the industries seeking blockchain solutions.

aelf will continue to push current technological boundaries and lead commercial blockchain adoption. aelf is continuously updating its system and code execution to make it easier for enterprises to experience blockchain BaaS solutions. The Enterprise version serves as a strong foundation and a segway for the aelf public network, which will connect the different Enterprise users under a greater umbrella of one aelf ecosystem.

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