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An Overview of Projects from Legend X Hackathon — II

The second round of projects introduction

Since the introduction of the first batch of projects was published, our hackathon has welcomed more excellent ideas and participants, bringing the total number of submissions to 17. This article will present you with an overview of projects in categories like NFTs, DeFi, and Creator Economy.


Before creating tokens, project developers must take numerous things into consideration, including their launching, locking, allocation, etc. AElf.LatchBox is a fully decentralized one-stop solution for project creators to manage their tokens on aelf blockchain. It assists developers through the whole procedure of a token going into circulation, from creating, locking, to vesting. When it comes to token distribution, AElf.LatchBox also functions as a launchpad which not only streamlines the launching workflow but also protects investors from rug pulls. In the future, more features, like staking, shall be added and the integration between LatchBox and NightElf Wallet will be completed.

This is another fully-deployed DApp on aelf blockchain and developers can try using it to complete their own projects.


The idea of combining the NFTs social network and a “create-to-earn” mechanism gives birth to NEFTME. Traditional social networks in the web2 era are centralized, meaning the content is controlled not by the creators, but by the platform. While social media influencers can choose to make money by creating sponsored content, the value of their work is not generated from or recognized by the community. Hence NEFTME wants to return the power back to creators and support them in monetizing their own content in the form of NFTs. Users can choose to invest in any NFTs by staking tokens and receiving their portion of the return once the piece is sold.

AELF Tracker

aelf’s design of separating the testing network and mainnet network makes the blockchain more secure and immune to developers’ misoperation. But sometimes for developers, this could mean the inconvenience of switching between networks and checking their token balance, especially when taking various resource tokens into consideration. That’s why AELF Tracker decides to streamline the whole tracking process by building an integrated tracker of all chains where the balance of different tokens, be it mainnet token, TestNet token, or resource tokens, can be accessed at a glance. In its roadmap, AELF Tracker sets the plan to add more features, including the tracking of token transactions and NFT collections.

aelf Community Funding

aelf Community Funding is a decentralized platform that allows project proposers to receive direct donations from aelf communities. Fundraisers only need to submit their projects, set a fundraising goal, and connect wallets, and then everything is done. While interested ELF community members can choose the project they like and donate ELF tokens through the dashboard. Although this DApp has just launched and may seem too simple, the developer has revealed his intention to improve the UI and add other interesting features to make the DApp more interactive.

If these projects interest you, please visit our hackathon website to vote or read our projects’ introduction article I to explore more in aelf’s ecosystem.

For tech support or other queries, our devoted team is always ready for help.


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