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An Overview of Projects from Legend X Hackathon — III

The third round of projects introduction.

The submission deadline for Legend X Hackathon has passed and the total number of projects we received reached 34. While parts of these projects have been fully completed, there are some other projects busy refining their designs or adding the last details. Therefore we offer a chance for developers to make necessary changes and projects in need of such help can contact us through our TG developer community.

The grant function is accessible until this Thursday so community members still have one last day to vote. There are altogether 3,172 votes received, roughly equaling 7,960 ELF. The votes will play a non-trivial role in judging and may win voters 100x return.

In this article, let’s have a look at five more excellent projects in DeFi, Web 3.0, and GameFi tracks.


If we view aelf’s ecosystem as a giant jigsaw, we will find that a vital piece, the IDO platform, is missing. EWELL team spotted this urgent demand and decided to build a decentralized IDO tool that caters to all projects and users meanwhile compliments aelf’s ecosystem. For fundraising projects, EWELL works like a multifunctional management tool with which they can set user whitelists, customize parameters, and create IDO trading pairs. While for aelf users, EWELL provides them with the chance to engage with promising startups and be supporters of early-stage projects.

In their roadmap, EWELL has set the goals of completing the building of EWELL at stage one and, at stage two, adding more creative modes or modules, such as recommendation, KYC, and audit, to enhance user experience. In the future, they plan to hone the product and introduce more diversified IDO modes so as to further improve projects’ experience on EWELL.


Expetra is a budgeting app that allows users to track three types of assets (fiat, stocks, crypto). Users are able to record their income, expenses, and investments on one screen through simple Drag & Drop mechanics. The main functionality of the app is free for everyone and the team wants more users to keep tracking their personal finance in the most convenient way. With a premium subscription, users can enjoy additional features, like more wallet and categories support. Expetra aims to push millions of people towards managing personal finances, building investment habits, and connecting them to the web 3.0 world through NFTs and Game-Fi.


EDNS, short for Ether Domain Name Service, is a one-stop solution for decentralized domain names and hosting in Web 3.0. It aims to simplify the crypto and DeFi space by allowing users to create a universal nickname for all their public addresses and decentralized websites. Instead of having an unreadable string of keys for each crypto address, users can have a single EDNS domain with storage, like “mike.meta,” where they can receive and store any crypto and NFTs. In a word, EDNS offers a decentralized alternative to the Internet’s traditional DNS, removing the risks associated with its single point of failure.

AElf Academy

For aelf, an educational platform is truly helpful, especially when taking into consideration that aelf plans to broaden its ecosystem through various events in the coming months. Hence AElf Academy built a decentralized peer-to-peer learning platform that is highly scalable and autonomous, making it possible that more developers can join and govern together. As a DApp, it calls for collaboration among multiple parties, i.e. course administrators, developers interested in building on aelf, and moderators who evaluate the efforts of the latter. It starts with the administrators creating a course and setting a fun quest. Then developers can study the course and complete the quest by building practical projects from what they just learned. Finally, moderators would evaluate the submitted quest result and decide whether to prove or reject it. Through the whole process, developers can advance to a higher level by completing more quests and moderators will be rewarded with ELF tokens for their work.

AElf HealthMiner

AElf HealthMiner is an attempt to merge digital therapy with blockchain concepts like NFTs and GameFi. The team describes the project as an “AElf blockchain-powered and NFT-driven solution” that aims at promoting mental health awareness while also creating a secure environment for community members. It addresses new ways of interacting in the metaverse, as well as the power of community and discovering connections. The process of digital therapy is gamified and timely execution of stated tasks and milestone events will reward end-users with NFT tokens. The ambition of AElf HealthMiner is to promote people’s awareness of wellness, thoughtfulness, and mental health.

If these projects interest you, please visit our hackathon website to vote or read our projects’ introduction article I and II to explore more in aelf’s ecosystem.

For tech support or other queries, our devoted team is always ready for help.


Join us on TG or Discord to stay tuned and interact with aelf communities:





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