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An Overview of Projects from Legend X Hackathon — IV

The fourth round of projects introduction.

9 days have passed since aelf closed the hackathon’s submission portal and many incomplete projects have finished their building. The grant function was also off yesterday, marking that the event is now officially in the judging stage which will last for 5 days until June 27. Our judging criteria have been revealed in the previous article.

In this article, we’ll have a look at seven projects in Web 3.0, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and DAO tracks.

Aelf War Alpha

Remember the space battle games you liked to play as a child? It’s playful, simple, and most importantly, it’s now available on aelf! Aelf War Alpha is the first GameFi project on aelf that introduces upgradable NFTs into a battle game. Players enter the game after connecting their ELF wallets to the site. The first interface presents a panel where players can mint their own spaceship by choosing different components, including cabins, wings, weapons, and engines. After the customization, they can enter the game can start a battle. By shooting enemies’ spaceships and picking up the parts they drop, players may have a rich harvest of various NFTs in their inventory. The collected parts are interchangeable, so players may create as many as 256 sorts of NFTs.


If there is a decentralized platform helping projects on aelf (Launchpads, DEXs, Games, etc.) create on-chain proposals and allowing users to somehow control the project by voting, governance would be so much easier that both parties benefit from this efficient design. ChainProposal brings their solution by building a DAO tool that grants different power to different roles in the system. The project is deployed onto aelf’s new sidechain — tDVW. All users can create an organization or project profile and vote on proposals in the created organization. Being the creator of an organization means you can create voting proposals and add members to or remove them from the organization, and any member of the organization may also create voting proposals. While the admin of the ChainProposal platform is responsible for the verification of organization profiles.

AElf Toolkit

AElf Toolkit is a tool that simplifies the interaction with the aelf Blockchain from right within Visual Studio Code. It provides the following features: 1). create, write & build smart contracts; 2). create & manage aelf wallets; 3). transfer assets (e.g ELF) between wallets; 4). launch local aelf node instances; 5). deploy contracts to local node/TestNet. The goal is to provide developers with a set of familiar tools that would empower them to focus on building DApps on aelf.


ForGreen is donation events as a service model where users can create the easiest, most transparent, and fun NFT charity auction. It leverages the power of DeFi to help organizations raise additional support for a green world. ForGreen builds a new way of donating by bridging the two major markets, namely donation and digital NFTs, and will grow extremely in the coming decade.

Imagination Paper NFT

This project was created from a fun game the developer used to play. All it requires is a little imagination to draw a head and four limbs on a paper. Without the others seeing, each member draws one body part (head, arms, legs, or feet), and when the last member finishes, the paper covering the drawing is removed. You can combine different parts into a completely new creature. The main objective of the project is to make each drawing unique, special, fun, and familiar.


Willow is a decentralized crypto trading DEX on the AElf Blockchain. It provides major features of swap tokens and pools. The platform enables
1. Creation of liquidity pools with any token pair to allow others to be able to swap tokens.
2. Addition/Removal of liquidity from a pool.
3. Locking/Unlocking of liquidity to build trust among the community. Once the lockup period passes, one can unlock their liquidity.

Mini Utopia

Mini Utopia is a multi-chain NFT ecosystem where users can create, stake, and trade NFTs. Its governance token can be used to mine or join decentralized insurance.

If these projects interest you, please read our projects’ introduction article I, II, and III to explore more in aelf’s ecosystem.

For tech support or other queries, our devoted team is always ready for help.


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