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An Overview of Projects from Legend X Hackathon — V

The fifth round of projects introduction.

This is the last introduction of projects from Legend X hackathon. Counting these four, the total number of qualified projects reads 23. If you feel like learning more, please visit the project gallery or read our projects’ introduction articles I, II, III, and IV to explore more in aelf’s ecosystem.

The last four projects are in Web 3.0, DeFi, and SocialFi tracks.

Chain Guard

Chain Guard is a managed security solution driven by web3.0 that can be deployed on any blockchain. It necessitates a high level of integration with upstream and downstream data sources. Its graph solution stores the graphs of known malicious users and these users are ranked according to a risk score that indicates the likelihood of encountering them. If a user has a history of denial-of-service attacks or recently stole money from another contract, other users’ contracts can automatically refuse to engage with it and quickly fail the action. Chain Guard adds a layer of security not only for developers but also for users. It keeps track of contracts that are running malware based on signatures and account information.

aelf ALT

aelf’s decentralized infrastructure is a powerful platform for addressing a lot of challenges. Riding on aelf’s powerful yet simple design over decentralized infrastructure, aelf ALT brings a unique capability out of the box on uploaded videos through exposed APIs in addition to the existing playable links. This innovative video analytics platform enables users to get a straightforward understanding of the video’s topic, content, and tone.

AElf DeTreMan

AElf DeTreMan builds a Distributed Treasury Management Platform for the treasury function of the organizations powered through aelf blockchain. This DApp brings the capability for a direct model where a company holds and controls its own private keys, operating as a direct participant and accepting the crypto directly from the remitter. The solution builds a user-friendly intuitive interface over blockchain transactions that safeguard user privacy.

aelf Zoom

Remote education fails to cater for the needs of some specially-abled students and improvements must be made to address this issue. aelf Zoom sees the gap and is determined to develop a massive knowledge repository for all offline learning, revision, and learning anytime anywhere. The goal is to achieve equality in education and to enhance remote collaboration experience in the future.

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