Token Minting Announcement

aelf’s total token supply is 1 Billion. As of today, the aelf team only minted 33% of the total ELF tokens from the contract, which are being used for private sale, advisors, partnerships, marketing, and our bounty program. At present, aelf’s Total Supply displayed on CoinMarketCap doesn’t reflect the true total supply of ELF token.

In order to revise the CoinMarketCap statistics, the aelf team plans to mint the remaining tokens excluding the PoS+PoW component. The remaining tokens will be minted at the following address. They will be unlocked but used strictly as the aelf official website( shows.

Address: 0xae3F5961937CB0171F127075A99550978b31ACA1

ELF Token Distribution Ratio and Usage Chart

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