BEAT THE BOSS Trivia — Boss Bio 3

General Moud — Scouting report


General Moud was born in 1956 in Egypt to an extremely wealthy family. He grew up in Cairo during the famine of the 1960s and he saw firsthand, the effects of ignorance from foreign powers. It was here he grew into a hardened man with a grim outlook. Although the city had always taken care of him, he always sought to make a name for himself elsewhere.

General Moud shortly after his injury

In 1974, at the age of 18 he studied abroad at many colleges learning about politics, power and the human mind. During this period his passion grew into an obsession and he soon became blinded by his vision. In 1988, General Moud lost his left leg in a government funded knitting accident. When word got out regarding his injuries, he was paid a handsome compensation package, but this did not make up for his tribulations.

Although he may have had noble intentions, his mind soon became twisted with thoughts of power for himself and he soon found himself building an army of mercenaries of his own with the compensation money. Although he received the money on the Bitcoin Private network, for obvious reasons he moved this into another currency.

In 2009, while studying in Shanghai, China, at the Technical Dinosaur Institute (TDI) he first heard of blockchain technology and was intrigued. Over the years he has studied how this technology could advance his army beyond anything the world has ever seen.


General Moud has developed a sinister scheme which requires Seed3.0 (the source of blockchain 3.0, currently held by aelf) as the final component. When news of its discovery made its way into his ears while in the USA, all other priorities ceased to exist and this was his sole purpose from here on.

Now he has arrived at aelf and is using his army to break down our front doors. As potential Agents of aelf, you are tasked with stopping him by any means necessary. He thinks he is knowledgeable with all his study, but we shall use that knowledge to his disadvantage with our Trivia Defense System (TDS)!

Although many of you have not been recruited directly into the ranks of our Agency, treat this as a criteria requiring you to pass for eligibility. Mistakes will not be tolerated.