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Developers are using aelf to build apps and win awards at China’s largest Hackathon.

On July 17th, 2019, the 3rd China Blockchain Development Competition was held to showcase the skills from developers all over the country. The success of the competition was in no small part due to the strong support received from many different parties including the Department of Information and Software Services of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (directed by) and the Industry Standards Department of the National Standardization Administration (directed by), co-hosted by China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute, Zhejiang Province Hangzhou City Xiaoshan District, China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development Forum, Hangzhou Daily Newspaper Group (Huamei Holding), Qianjiang Shijicheng Management Committee and Blockchain Technology Application Industry Alliance (Phoenix).

The competition received entries from nearly 100 companies, universities and individual teams from all over the country. Notable entries including Peking University, Fudan University blockchain laboratory, China Shipbuilding Industry Systems Engineering Research Institute, and Tianjin University. The submissions ranged from many industries including financial services, supply chain management, public welfare culture, social entertainment, education and employment, and smart manufacturing. From the wide variety presented, it can be seen just how prolific this technology has already become throughout many mainstream industries.

This year’s competition, both in terms of project quality and the number of participating projects, showed a clear increase compared with previous years. Among the 40 participating teams that reached the semi-finals, three projects utilized the aelf Enterprise platform as their underlying blockchain system. These projects were:

  • “Multi-platform Review System Based on Cross-chain Technology”
  • “Research and Implementation of Task-Based Platform Strategy Based on Blockchain”

Both projects submitted by Teams from Tianjin University

  • “BEHM: An Open Equipment Collaborative Support Platform for Resource Convergence”

Submitted by China Shipbuilding System Engineering Institute.

These projects combined blockchain with their own areas of research and commercial use cases for their final submissions, resulting in three well defined, real world applications.

During the review process, experts analyzed, discussed and tested projects one by one looking at the following aspects:

  1. blockchain functionality
  2. Security
  3. program execution
  4. Scalability
  5. code readability
  6. technological advancement
  7. application value
  8. promotion level

The project “BEHM: An Open Equipment Collaborative Support Platform for Resource Convergence”, built on the aelf Enterprise blockchain platform, was submitted by team Haizhitian from the China Shipbuilding Industry Systems Engineering Research Institute. This project stood out from the 40 semifinalists, winning third place. The other two projects from Tianjin University both won the Excellence Award.

Xingzhou Du, the project leader of Haizhitian team, introduced BEHM as a project that aims to tackle complex requirements such as equipment system support/release requests, guarantee record traceability, and material circulation and traceability.

“With a background in military-civilian integration, we’ll be able to build a resource conserving and openly collaborative ‘equipment support’ supply-chain management platform. I believe this direction is worth using blockchain technology. ”

In response to why they chose aelf as the underlying blockchain system, Xingzhou Du said,

“aelf is a new generation of public chain, and it is a star project in cross-chain interoperability. Its underlying design concept is highly matched to our design requirements such as “sharing books” and “cross-domain consensus”. In addition, aelf’s open source project interface documentation is relatively complete, and the developer community’s atmosphere and technical support are very friendly. During project preparation, the developer community responded to technical issues quickly. Although our project is still in the research stage, this award gives us more confidence, which is a good start for us to build upon.”

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