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Developers DApp Competition | aelf Testnet

DApp Development Competition Launched with 32,000 ELF in Rewards

This competition is designed to help provide a stable, reliable and easy-to-use DApp environment for developers to develop, deploy and run their applications with specific focus on performance, chain governance and user experience. It will also serve as a means to explore a variety of blockchain applications in relation to economic and social governance, while promoting the integration of blockchain technology and a functioning economic system on aelf.

Competition Time:

21st April 00:00–9th June 23:59 (SG Time)

Registration Process:

1. Fill in the entry form — Individuals or teams may apply, there is no limit to team size.

2. Upon submission of your entry form, a member of the aelf team will confirm your entry eligibility.

3. After confirmation, participants should submit the basic DApp design plan proposal/description, and then proceed to the development stage.

Note: Participants can freely team up to discuss & collaborate with others in the aelf developer community.

※ Telegram Community:

DApp Competition Design Requirements:

1. There are no restrictions on DApp types. Participants can refer to popular DApp applications for design and development inspiration, or develop their own unique DApp.

2. To maximise your chances

  • Ensure the DApp features can easily be used.
  • DApp UI should be simple and clear, and an attractive UI is considered a highlight.

3. DApp development specifications need to observe the aelf development specifications.

4. The DApp needs to be developed and deployed based on aelf public testnet V1.0.0 preview 1 or higher.

5. All submissions need to pass the aelf Enterprise environment test under the application scenario and run stably.

Note: Currently supporting C # , Python, Javascript, Java, Golang, and PHP languages.

How to submit DApp Delivery File:

Off-chain submission

Participants are required to follow the DApp design plan and submit the PR (pull request) with a Development Delivery File (reference template: deliver-template) to the GitHub ‘Bounty Project’ before the deadline (May 30th).

The development delivery File is recommended to be named: ‘Project Name’-’stage’-development delivery File.

DApp Criteria:

The competition judging committee will comprise members of aelf’s technical and ecosystem development teams. Final selection will be handed over to the aelf DAO Management Committee. The winning portfolio will be judged by the following aspects:

  • Level of completion
  • Level of innovation
  • User experience
  • Technical framework

The results will be announced in the aelf Telegram Community and aelf Twitter Channel after the competition.

Note: The Saelf-Governed Community will act in lieu of the DAO Committee prior to its establishment

This competition will test the DAO governance process. Members of the Saelf-Governed Community will evaluate submissions and select winners through the DAO process. The judges participating in this competition will share 5% of the reward.


Best Application Award (1 person) : 20,000 ELF

Winning Design Award (1 person) : 12,000 ELF

Reference Cases:

The following cases DApp do not currently exist on the aelf chain, this development competition is focused on lightweight DApps. We mention a few relatively lightweight DApp classes here as examples, just for reference. Feel free to develop more creative DApp scenarios.

Reference 1: Chain Record

You can design DApps that store meaningful information in a chain. Such as tracking current epidemic data, public information records, travel records, eternal album memorials and other record-keeping applications.

Reference 2: Mini Game

You can also design interesting minigame DApps that are simple and easy to play, with a clear process and low barriers to entry. For example: Random Number Contest, Guessing Box, Random Guess/Match Card, Greedy Snake, Prizes Snatching, etc.

Developers File:

※aelf project information:

Official Website:

aelf Explorer:

Project Source Code repository:

※The relevant code and technical documentation can be found at:




aelf Wallet :

aelf Explorer:

If you are willing to participate in aelf’s ecosystem development, and wish to create economic and social value with blockchain technology, or if you are innovative and have a unique business vision to develop a viable blockchain application, then don’t miss this DApp development competition.

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