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Exhibition II: Submitted Projects on Top of OASIS Hackathon

On December 12th, 2021, aelf kicked off its inaugural metaverse-themed hackathon — Top of OASIS, collaborated with the top developer community DoraHack. Since then, we have received registration information from nearly 60 development teams, 24 of which have submitted their projects. Many of them have re-submitted the projects in the Grant session so that users could vote and participate in the subsequent raffle to win a 100,000% return. If you are interested, please refer to the guide to participate.

Meta Insurgent

Meta Insurgent’s vision is to bring the world-class immersive VR-Metaverse First Person Shooter within the Compete2Earn Tournament Industry. Using the Oculus Quest 2, Meta Insurgent is built on the immersive VR-Metaverse First Person Shooter (FPS) where users will strategize their offensive and tactical movement in engaging their opponents in the VR arena. Users will get to customize their avatar profile, weapons system and enhance their tactical movement through teleport pod.


Homespace is a decentralized virtual platform that allows users to be a part of the native virtual world. Users can interact with other users and AI personas, visit galleries, events, music concerts, lectures, and much more. It hosts a holacratic decentralized Metaverse with NFT-based economics and photorealistic graphics.


BoomSpace is a metaverse gamefi project that enables players of PVE, PVP, mining, staking, and more. The objective of players is to battle, adventure, collect rewards, build their own land, and fight for resources. Players can contribute to the entire ecosystem by participating in the game, truly owning, and trading the assets they acquire in the game.


CryptoBank is a digital payment gateway in Africa and beyond, designed to modernize the finance and payment of goods and services both online and offline while solving the problems of traditional payment methods(High transaction fee, middle man, transparency e.t.c) by offering instant transactions and immediate crypto-to-cash settlements for the merchant/consumer. With CryptoBank DApp (BanKer), users can easily utilize the online marketplace, the NFT marketplace, the non-custodial wallet, and the DApp Browser.


By using Blockchain Inter Planetary File Systems (IPFS), DrameBase is transforming how media content is delivered, consumed, and paid for. Complex, customized content and service bundles are beyond the capabilities of current technologies. By deploying blockchain technology, it will reduce copyright infringements in music streaming, which misses up to 25% of streaming royalties while delivering content directly to consumers. This could impact everyone from large media houses to independent bloggers, helping artists form a direct relationship with consumers.


WeBill offers a multi-chain payment for DeFi and GameFi projects. Users can buy NFT and top up an in-game balance on WeBill with any token they have on all networks, without visiting DEX, bridges, or exchanges. Also, users can pay for a subscription to in-game functions from the MetaMask wallet with any token and network of their choice.


Checkmint is transforming blockchain gaming by allowing players to play games, trade their wins, and collect NFT’s. Players play a game of Chess and when they win, they are rewarded with an NFT piece, this NFT piece can be auctioned off on the checkmint market for other players to use as an entry piece into the level of which the player completed. Checkmint gives an opportunity to those who cannot afford to buy an NFT, to play and win one.



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