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Exhibition III: Submitted Projects on the Top of OASIS Hackathon

Since aelf kicked off its inaugural metaverse-themed hackathon — Top of OASIS on December 12th, 2021, in collaboration with the top developer community DoraHack. Nearly 60 development teams have registered across the globe, 24 of which have submitted their projects, the majority among them have re-submitted in the Grant session for the entitlement of participating in the ensuing raffle, paired with substantial prizes. 6 projects have completed the project demo.


VolcanicFinance is the first incentivized burning and yield farming protocol that specifically aims to incentivize DeFi end-users and wipe the tears of users that fall on the most known DeFi scam mostly called rug-pulls.

Metaverse VR

Metaverse VR is a game where you can earn coins/tokens and NFT by playing and discovering the virtual world. Metaverse VR has some uniques features. Players can have a unique character design by turning it from NFT. Each NFT ( with a face ) can convert to a character or an object like a weapon … This feature is unique no one has made it yet. Metaverse VR is the first. Every user should connect with their wallets and scan the NFT to use this feature. And Metaverse VR is working with more things like that.

DID Network

DID Network is an open platform based on on-chain data. Users can bind their wallets and generate their own passports. The nodes of DID Network will parse the on-chain data and get the aggregation results, such as DeFi scores, user behavior analysis, and so on. DID Network hopes to build an open data platform around the user’s wallet identity and tap into the value of the on-chain data to serve the increasingly rich Web 3.0 scenarios in the future.


CryptoVsZombie was built around both offensive and defensive strategies, where players engage in epic battles using crypto defense towers and zombie troops to compete in a unique gaming experience. Tokens and NFT rewards will be given to winners in the seasonal tournament. The game is amplified by the potential of its NFT as well as staking/farming rewards to generate passive income. CryptoVsZombie aims to provide all players with an opportunity to enjoy the game and earn anytime, anywhere with just their mobile device.

Benign Protocol

Benign Protocol is a decentralized project and centralized finance. The Benign Protocol will solve the centralized problem in a decentralized way. Benign Protocol is established to provide overall benefits to the users. It seeks to ensure overall security by preserving users’ identities through its centralized platform and ensures individual freedom through decentralized platforms.

aelf Balance Tracker

aelf Balance Tracker is a Chrome browser extension for tracking balances of assets on AELF & tDVV chains (Mainnet and Testnet).


MetaLoop educates and gets onboard the next generation of Web3 users. MetaLoop airdrop tokens to 22M college students to create a marketing and recruiting channel for crypto projects. As a learn-to-earn airdrop platform, MetaLoop aims to accelerate blockchain adoption to college students to learn about blockchain in a gamified way.

aelf NFT collection and 3D gallery

This is a 3D gallery, on the walls of which there will be NFTs that are on the user’s wallet and he IN DIRECT SENSE will be able to walk through this gallery and admire them using the keyboard (WASD) and mouse.

The submission for aelf inaugural Metaverse hackathon — Top of OASIS has closed on Feb. 15th. You can now go through all the candidate projects on the hackerlink website.

You can also go to our other exhibition articles to see the project introductions.
Link to Exhibition I,
Link to Exhibition II.




ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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