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Exhibition of Submitted Projects the on Top of OASIS Hackathon

On December 12th, 2021, aelf kicked off its inaugural metaverse-themed hackathon — Top of OASIS, collaborated with the top developer community DoraHack. Since then, we have received registration information from nearly 60 development teams, 7 of which have submitted their projects, 6 of them have completed the project demo. The 6 qualified projects are Salsa Valley Game, and Energy8 on the GameFi track; and Gandalf and Defor on the DeFi track; OpenBiSea and Digital Verse on the NFT track.


Gandalf is decentralized finance (DeFi) platform deployed on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon. As a non-custodial decentralized application, Gandalf provides a trust-free and secured trading environment

The inefficiency of assets utilization is laid out to users, which reduces lots of liquidity providers’ investment motivation. And that’s why Gandalf comes into being. As an aggregated protocol, Gandalf gives consumers access to cryptocurrency-based financial services, allowing them to surf assorted features on one platform. Users could participate in a series of decentralized activities without regard to the limitations of a typical isolated Blockchain network.

Digital Verse

Digital Verse is building an NFT marketplace for the creation and purchasing of digital faces. With the support of blockchain technology, NFT has the potential to create a metaverse of the digital avatars of the users and regulations on copyright and data privacy.

On Digital Verse, users are able to digitize his face by uploading a video of themselves to the platform. The digital avatar of the user will be presented on the platform for potential customers. After receiving the offer to buy the face, the user will be able to choose whether to sell it for this particular video/commercial. In the case of consent, an NFT token gets created.

Once the token is minted, potential video creators can purchase this NFT, thereby acquiring the right to use the celebrity’s face to create one synthetic video.

Salsa Valley Game

Salsa Valley is the virtual crypto Mooniverse, which is powered by blockchain. It is an online NFT game, but with a focus on social and economic interactions between crypto-enthusiastic users.

Salsa Valley is a unique place in Mexico but in a parallel meme-Universe. This is a crypto platform that unites together crypto enthusiasts and investors, NFT collectors, lovers of hot salsa sauce, meme fans, animators, gamers, and those who just love to joke and laugh.


Energy8 is a full technological solution for game server owners that provide play-to-earn solutions for game server owners to support game players to earn revenue through games, thereby increasing the additional revenue for players and game server owners.

Energy8 currently supports 2 PC games — Minecraft and GTA 5. In the future, Energy8 will continue to integrate P2E game mechanisms into more games and bring users an immersive chain game experience, helping game server owners achieve user growth and obtain more revenue.


As a one-stop portal, DeFor is committed to breaking down the barriers of the crypto world so as to make users access in a safe, convenient, and no-threshold way. On Defor, there is a role called solver, which mainly helps users send transactions while paying gas fees. In this way, users do not need to hold gas tokens (such as ETH, BNB) for any operations on DeFor, and users can choose to send transaction tokens as a gas fee.


OpenBiSea NFT marketplace is a smart contract, iOS, Android, and web UI app. It is a simple, step-by-step guided solution to buy, sell and make auctions (smart contract-based) for NFT. OpenBiSea is a very easy way to invest and manage NFTs. By integrating multiple functions, you can complete all the trading processes with fewer “clicks”.

iOS app demo:
Android app:
Web app:

The submission of the hackathon is due on Feb. 9th, 2022. We are looking forward to seeing your project in the final review. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via any official channels. And don’t forget to submit your projects here.




ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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