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FBG will Participate in aelf’s Node Election

On December 1st, 2021, FBG announced its participation in aelf’s node election. Attachment is the introduction of FBG. We would like to invite our community members and voters to take a look into the following information.

Node name

FBG Capital

Founded in 2017, FBG Capital is an industrial-leading digital asset management and investment company in the blockchain/crypto field. It is one of the largest cryptocurrency hedge funds and ventures capital funds in China. In addition, FBG supports hundreds of innovative global blockchain projects and is also one of the largest liquidity providers for major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.


Technological information
Main Chain: 4 Core, 8G Memory, 20G SSD, 200G Disk
Sidechain: 4 Core, 8G Memory, 20G SSD, 250G Disk

Maintenance plan
We have two experienced node maintenance staff and two senior blockchain engineers. They will get involved to ensure the function and production of node operated by FBG Capital.

The above information comes from FBG Capital and does not represent the views of aelf.

We are glad to have such a powerful partner. And we welcome all capable and willing candidates to participate in the node election. During the election, we also welcome community users to vote for the candidate nodes to jointly promote the ecological construction of aelf.



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