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Join the aelf Saelf-Governed Community

Learn about the DAO Model, Node Election & Mainnet

Members’ Rights & Interests

Through the saelf-governed community, users can participate with ease in the aelf DAO development. Simultaneous to this, according to the degree of users’ participation and contribution, users can get corresponding rights and share in aelf’s development achievements.

  • Real-time Q & A with the core team members
  • Collaborate with Members of DAO Management Committee to initiate on chain governance proposals
  • Participate in DAO Management System related issues
  • Learn about aelf’s underlying system
  • Participate in strategic planning after aelf’s mainnet launch
  • Participate in strategic sharing sessions (DAO, Dapp ecology, etc.)
  • Participate in the on-chain proposal voting
  • Participate in the mapping event, node election and other activities
  • Advise on community development
  • Participate in offline activities

Application Requirements

In order to ensure the community’s quality and protect the rights of every member to participate in the aelf ecosystem governance, there will be an official invitation to join the saelf-governed community. We have set basic criteria for joining the saelf-governed community:

  • You must be a highly active aelf community member who is willing to consistently participate in aelf’s DAO governance.

Token Verification Process

Transfer a specified amount of ELF to an official designated address.



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