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Legend X Supported by Worldwide Hackers, Join Us Before It’s Too Late

According to data from Devpost, co-host of aelf’s hackathon, Legend X has started a craze among blockchain fanatics all over the world and the number of participants has just surpassed 170. These attendees demonstrate talents in a variety of specialties like front-end, back-end, designing, and data analysis, and the languages they use cover c#, java, python, etc. Most of them choose to work solo while a small proportion has already built their own team. There are also some individuals looking for teammates who haven’t found the right one. So if you feel like joining the event, please sign up here and set out on a heroic journey as the founder or co-founder of a splendid project.

This hackathon benefits every participating party regardless of whether they are users or developers.

Users are given the right to decide which projects are most popular and expected to be deployed onto aelf. Every vote you cast helps develop the next fad in the blockchain industry.

For developers, aelf’s total prizes for the event are over $500,000, together with gorgeously designed NFT badges and other privileges awarded to winning projects. To facilitate their experience with aelf, we provide a sufficiently open and developer-friendly infrastructure consisting of consensus mechanisms, communication protocols, smart contracts, etc. With the help of aelf Enterprise’s wide-ranging modules, all developers are capable of building an inclusive blockchain-based tool or application that smoothly integrates with aelf’s existing ecosystem.

aelf is the only public chain that incorporates parallel processing, cluster nodes, and multi-chain structures and is capable of bringing about the smoothest and fastest user experience. aelf’s innovative cross-chain collaboration mechanism and its multilevel mainchain-sidechain architecture ensure its unlimited scalability and achieve efficient resource isolation as well as “one chain for one usage scenario,” making it possible to break blockchain’s bottlenecks in performance and realize isomorphic chain cross-chain. Besides, aelf’s combination of “cross-chain function + oracle” supports heterogeneous chain cross-chain and achieves connectivity among different chains. With these features, aelf can become the Layer 2 solution for public chains like Ethereum and Polkadot and function as their settlement layer, considerably enhancing their TPS, scalability, and processing efficiency.

The hackathon is set to end on June 1st and interested hackers shall seize this opportunity. Don’t miss the trend of the next blockchain revolution!

Event Portal:

For tech support, please visit:

Join the developer group on telegram to catch up with the updates on the events:





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