Let’s start from Seoul

—A summary of the Meet up in Seoul

On 6 February 2018, 22:00, we had our Korea community engagement event in Seoul, organised by Hashed, Korea’s largest Digital Asset Fund. aelf’s Founder and CEO, Loning Ma, along with Co-Founder and COO, Chen Zhuling, were present to host the event. The community engagement event was a huge success and attracted a large turnout of blockchain investors and enthusiasts.

COO Chen Zhuling gave an insightful presentation to the audience on aelf system design, technical development, long- term potential as well as the progress for aelf global community growth along with the latest Candy bounty campaign nicknamed Azeroth. Currently, the aelf community is rapidly expanding globally with Azeroth having an overwhelming success with 250,000 active users from 8449 cities in 185 countries and counting. COO Chen Zhuling have also mentioned that the aelf team hopes to establish strategic partnerships with parties from all trades and industries. This will accelerate the integration and development of the underlying technology in the blockchain to achieve a revolutionary breakthrough in capabilities.

After the presentation, the floor was open for a Q&A session. The audience enthusiastically raised their queries on aelf’s core concepts of Main Chain and Multi-Layer Side Chains as well as parallel processing for non-competing transactions and cloud-based services. Loning and Zhuling patiently answered all the queries raised leading to a strong end to the event.

This community engagement provided an excellent platform for us and the Korean blockchain enthusiasts to interact and share their thoughts on aelf. This also helped us establish a strong foundation for future partnership in Korea in their community outreach efforts.

Korea has the world’s third largest trading volume in cryptocurrency along with superior investment environment and a very strong market base. Hashed being a strategic investor in aelf further illustrated the recognition given to aelf by the Korean market. Being the main presenter for the event gave us a strategic position to build up an eco-system and accelerated the business adoption and integration of blockchain development.

Despite the increase in government regulations within the cryptocurrency landscape globally, We continue to develop our blockchain technology and grow our community. We believes that placing emphasis on blockchain technology and embracing regulations will lead to an increased global presence and branding.

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