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Notice: NightELF Extension Download is Suspended

The extension is currently unavailable for download

aelf’s explorer extension, NightELF, is currently unavailable for download on Google Chrome due to the change in Google’s policies. Our team is busy providing the required material and will have it fixed ASAP. We will notify you once the download link is restored or a new link is created.

Please note that this is a temporary suspension of download and will not affect your installed NightELF extension. Before a valid download link is available, community users can use the aelf Wallet APP on their mobile devices (android and IOS).

Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The NightELF extension is an important tool for accessing certain aelf Explorer services. It helps users easily manage their keypairs and assets. For developers, they can quickly implement operations such as making and querying transactions on AELF through NightELF. It assists them with DApp authorization management, the creation, deletion, backup, and import of keypairs, whitelist management, etc. Since the mainnet token swap launched last September, this plug-in has been supported by more and more aelf developers as well as community members and it is now a crucial part of aelf’s ecosystem.



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