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OKEx will Participate in aelf’s Node Election

On December 28th, OKEx Pool joined the election pool as one of the candidates after completing the technical docking with aelf team. We are excited to have such an influential candidate as OKEx Pool. Attachment is the introduction of OKEx Pool and we would like to invite our community members and voters to take a look into the following information.

Node Name

OKEx Pool

Official Website


Our team members have extensive experience in lock-up mining, protocol research, quality project filtration and blockchain infrastructure construction.

As one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms, OKEx provides over 50 million global users with high security and convenient operation of mining involving POW, POS, DeFi, new cryptocurrency and so on.

Technological Information

8 cores, 16G memory, 2T disk

Maintenance Plan

We have technical experts to take charge of node construction and maintenance. And the server resource can be expanded at any time.

About OKEx

OKEx is one of the world’s well-known digital asset trading platforms, which mainly provides currency and derivatives trading services for digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many more to users around the world. We adopt global server load balancing, distributed server clusters, distributed storage, multi-machine mutual back-up high-speed memory transaction engine, cold wallet, and hot wallet with offline private keys. OKEx uses multiple terminals such as Web, mobile and PC to offer a safe, stable and credible digital asset transaction services. Meanwhile, we never stop to innovate and improve our user experience to make cryptocurrency trading and investing available for everyone.

The above information comes from OKEx and does not represent the views of aelf.

We appreciate OKEx’s participation and we’re looking forward to embracing a collaborative future. Sincerely, we invite all capable and willing candidates to participate in the node election. During the election, we also welcome community users to vote for the candidate nodes to jointly promote the ecological construction of aelf.



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