Prize-Giving for aelf Hackathons, 11 Projects Eligible for Awards

The first batch of projects have claimed their prizes.

3 min readSep 7, 2022


Ever since the commencement of aelf’s hackathon program at the end of 2021, tons of innovative and practical projects had been brought to aelf community. By now, aelf has successfully hosted two hackathon events: Top of Oasis (metaverse-themed) and Legend X (Web3.0-themed), and attracted around 500 teams or individuals to the grand feasts for global developers. In the end, more than 20 excellent projects competed to the last stage and won awards of some kind. For a full list of all the hackathons’ winners, please read our articles Top of Oasis Award Winners and Legend X Award Winners.

With these two events, interesting ideas were incubated and some had already been brought into reality. As promised before, aelf would distribute prizes to those who have completed deployment and met their own award-claiming criteria. The prize-givings were set at September 1st and December 15th, offering a greater degree of flexibility in the schedule for the winning teams to complete their work. By September 1st, we are thrilled to see that 11 projects have met their claiming conditions. Hence, prizes have been distributed to the first batch of aelf ecosystem contributors, among which, there might be the next game changer for blockchain or even the network as a whole.

Hackathon Prizes

Allocation of Grant Pools

Thanks to the design of separated Mainnet and Testnet, those projects can be deployed onto Testnet before they are live on Mainnet, leaving them enough space and time to test, optimize, and fix bugs at their own pace. If you can’t wait to know more about these projects, here are the links for you:


NFT Forest



aelf Testnet Faucet



Blazer SDK


aelf Tracker

aelf Community Funding.

These 11 projects are only a start, not only for aelf’s hackathon prize-giving but also for the building of aelf ecosystem. There are several projects left that, failing to meet the first deadline though, are making steady progress in their works and are very likely to complete before the second deadline, December 15. Apart from hackathon, aelf has plans for other events and eco-building cooperations which will be unveiled in the future. Please stay with us and be excited about the growth of aelf!

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