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Q&A — All You Need to Know about the aelf Mainnet Token Swap

Q1: Where can I do the mainnet token swap?

Q2: When will the swap start? How long it will last?

Q3: What is the exchange rate between ERC-20 ELF token and mainnet ELF tokens?

Q4: How can I receive the 5% airdrop in the mainnet swap event?

Q5: Any other rewards for holding mainnet ELF tokens?

Q6: I have ELF tokens on an eligible exchange, can I still participate in the “Lucky ELF raffle” after it?

Q7: Would ELF circulation be changed after the swap?

Q8: Is it a Two-way swap?

Q9: What are the use cases of mainnet ELF tokens?

Q10: How could mainnet ELF holders participate in aelf mainnet development and governance?

For more details on node participation and voting, please read our white paper.



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