Recap: aelf in the US (GDC, PAX East, NFT.NYC)

Recapping what went down with aelf at GDC 2024, PAX EAST 2024 and NFT.NYC 2024!



Our two-week whirlwind across the US was an eye-opener as we dove headfirst into the ever-evolving Web3 gaming scene. Every event we attended was buzzing with interest — developers and founders are hungry for Web3 gaming’s potential. It’s a tipping point, fueled by easier funding in the Web3 space, big brands joining the party, and the irresistible power of in-game economies. Notably, this year’s GDC spotlighted the synergistic fusion of Web3 and AI — a frontier that aelf is pioneering on our developmental roadmap, promising an exhilarating future for gaming. Let’s recap on what went down during these two exciting weeks!

Leaping into the Future of GameFi at GDC 2024

Held in San Francisco from March 18–22, the Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2024 provided an open platform for creatives, developers, and visionaries to dive deep into the gaming universe. aelf, making our mark as the Bronze sponsor at the Next Gen Tech Forum, illuminated the event with two inspiring keynotes focused on the symbiosis of Web3, blockchain, and AI within the gaming sphere.

Presenting 2 Keynotes at GDC 2024

GDC underscored the pivotal role of game developers in pushing the frontiers of gaming, a mission aelf embraced wholeheartedly. Notably, Hazel Zhang, Head of Investments at aelf, captivated attendees with her keynote “Gaming Reimagined: Shaping the Future of Play with Web3 and AI” on March 19. Her presentation was a journey through gaming’s evolution, spotlighting the seismic shifts brought about by blockchain and AI technologies over the past five years.

Furthermore, Mackenzie Chng, Investment & Financing Manager at aelf Ventures, took the stage with his insightful keynote “Optimising Web3 Fundraising to Fuel Innovation and Success.” He delved into the vital role of strategic investments in propelling the gaming industry into new realms of innovation and success, highlighting aelf Ventures’ significant contributions.

aelf Booth: Exclusive POA NFT and Swag

GDC 2024 also marked the return of aelf’s POA NFT series, offering attendees a special edition NFT exclusive to the event. Those visiting aelf’s booth were presented with the opportunity to claim this unique NFT which unlocked access to exclusive aelf merchandise. Additionally, the booth hosted periodic ELF raffle draws, adding an exciting layer of engagement with the chance to win from a prize pool of 840 ELF.


The aelf team was also invited to speak in a fireside chat at Democratize24, held in San Francisco on March 20th-21st. Mackenzie, aelf’s Investment Manager, alongside Bitmart’s Chief Business Officer, Kaimin, deep-dived into the Web3 space, looking at Web3 investment and the evolution of decentralised exchanges.


The exploration into GameFi innovation didn’t conclude with GDC. aelf’s expedition carried on to Boston for PAX East 2024 and further to New York for NFT.NYC 2024. These stops provided further opportunities for enthusiasts to connect with the aelf team, delve into discussions about blockchain games, and uncover the vast potential within the Gaming domain and NFT space respectively. AT NFT.NYC, we connected with various NFT enthusiasts and projects that were eager to spearhead the movement towards a decentralised world.

Driving the Growth of GameFi and Blockchain Globally

Our team’s participation in GDC 2024 and subsequent events across the US shows our commitment to driving innovation in the gaming industry and our desire to be a key contributor to the dynamic world of GameFi. The team’s excitement to meet and collaborate with the gaming community across these events was palpable, setting the stage for a future where blockchain and gaming continue to evolve hand in hand.

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