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Results of Grant Raffle and Grant Prizes Released, Congrats to the Winners

The grant portal for the Legend X hackathon was officially closed on June 23 and the counting of votes was stopped by that day. There are in total more than 16,000 ELF received, distributed as 9,101 votes to different projects.

Grant Prize Allocation

As promised, aelf has drawn some lucky voters from more than 5,000 addresses for our fabulous voting return awards. A raffle was set where 3 voters would be randomly selected to receive a return worth 100 times their original donation and another 10 voters will receive a 10 times prize. In addition, another 50 addresses have been chosen to receive our NFT badge [Pioneer] airdrop.

Grant Raffle Winners:

Congratulations to these voters! We will send you the prizes soon, so don’t forget to check your balances. And for the vast majority who weren’t so lucky this time, aelf has much more events and campaigns planned in the coming months. Please keep supporting us and participating in the upcoming community programs, and luck will be on your side next time.

Join us on TG or Discord to stay tuned and interact with aelf communities:





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