San Francisco, USA: aelf x Celer Network Technical Meetup

Dec 15, 2018 · 2 min read

Lay the Foundation for dApp Mass Adoption

What: aelf x Celer Technical Meetup: Lay the Foundation for dApp Mass Adoption

Where: San Francisco, USA

When: 16th Nov 2018

On November 16th, aelf, together with Celer, held a technical meetup in San Francisco. The event was attended by a mix of investors, the technical community and media. The agenda for the evening was ‘Laying the Foundation for dApp Mass Adoption’ and consisted of presentations by both aelf and Celer, followed by a joint Q&A.

During the presentation, Guanglei, aelf’s Chief Architect demonstrated the aelf sidechain ecosystem testnet with the inter-chain communication through smart contract execution He also presented the UI for the Block Explorer and other recent upgrades completed by the development team.

(aelf COO, Zhuling Chen, aelf Chief Architect, Guanglei and Celer Co-Founder, Xiaozhou Li attending the technical Meetup)

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(Guanglei presenting aelf smart contract execution on the testnet)

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