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SideChain tDVV Migrated to tDVW on aelf’s Testnet

Projects and contracts on SideChain tDVV are migrated to tDWV on aelf’s Testnet

SideChain tDVV on aelf’s Testnet has stopped its contract deployment and upgrade function since June. At that time, aelf team released a new SideChain, tDVW, which has been undertaking contract deployment and upgrade on Testnet. After three months’ tests, SideChain tDVW has been proved stable and is now functioning as designed. Meanwhile, aelf has been actively assisting the existing contracts and projects with their migration to this new chain. Therefore, aelf decides to permanently shut down SideChain tDVV and stop the migration to SideChain tDVW.

Please note that this shutdown only applies to SideChain tDVV on aelf’s Testnet and the Mainnet is not affected at all.

From August 31, all the data about SideChain tDVV on aelf’s Testnet will be inaccessible via explorer, web wallet, and App wallet (also Testnet only). If you need Testnet token, please claim through the faucet.

In the future, ecosystem growth on aelf Testnet will concentrate on SideChain tDVW. Not only will this help developers center on just one chain in their works, but it will also ease off the complexity of switching different chains to manage Testnet assets.

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