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Submission for Legend X Hackathon Ends

New submissions are no longer accepted but community voting is still open

aelf’s web3.0-themed hackathon, Legend X, has officially closed its submission portal on June 15 and will enter the judging period soon. The total number of participants reads 317(both teams and individuals) and 34 of them have completed their submission as of today.

Thanks to our co-host Devpost’s primary inspection, we have pinpointed 16 projects qualified for judging and prize competition, including MixVerse, aelf Testnet Faucet, Comic One, aelf Blazor SDK, AELF Tracker, EDNS, aelf Academy, aelf Toolkit, and AElf HealthMiner in the Web3.0 Infrastructure track; EWELL and AElf.LatchBox in the DeFi track; NEFTME from the NFT track, aelf Community Funding from the Creator Economy track, as well as Expetra, Cosmicrafts, and Aelf War Alpha in the GameFi track. The winners of our grand prizes and seed fund are among these participants and users can read our projects’ introduction article I and II to learn more about them.

While we prepare for the upcoming judging session (June 23 — June 27), community members can keep voting for projects they find interesting through our Grant page until June 23. Each vote they cast will go directly to the project they support. The voting result will not only determine the distribution of aelf’s $100k Grant Pool but also play a crucial part in our formal judging. There is even a community prize for the most popular project.

What is worth mentioning is that developers can still send the updated project information to aelf team via email during this Grant voting period.

Meanwhile, for community members, we have the voting return program where voters have a chance to receive a return worth 100 times their original donation as well as NFT badges. Users can also participate in aelf’s community campaigns through Twitter and Discord for airdrops or other bounties.

Supporting materials or links you may need:

Community voting portal
Voting tutorial

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to global developers for your trust and to our communities for your support. aelf will uphold our principle to build the most efficient, fastest, and safest blockchain infrastructure, catering for diverse needs, supporting on-chain transactions for tremendous users, and ultimately leading the development of Web 3.0.

For tech support or other queries, our devoted team is always ready for help.


Join us on TG or Discord to stay tuned and interact with aelf communities:





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