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“Technium deserves to be regarded as the seventh kingdom of life.”

Interview with the Core Developer from aelf

Deng Guanglei is a core member of product development for the aelf team. He is the former technology development manager of the anti-money laundering intelligence department of Standard Chartered Bank and has more than 10 years of experience in innovative projects in the industry. He has led the development of multiple software systems such as real-time risk management systems, anti-money laundering and KYC intelligent systems. He holds a first-class honours degree in electrical engineering from Nanyang Technological University and a master’s degree in applied economics from Singapore Management University.

Everything started in 2013. It was Deng Guanglei's first reading of Kevin Kelly's Out of Control. The Internet development trend, which was first published in the book of 1994, seems to be looking back at what happened in the past 10 years.

As a technology developer with an economic background, Deng Guanglei was fascinated by the description of electronic money in Out of Control. “Give up control, and we’ll artificially evolve new worlds and undreamed of richness.” When he read What Technology Wants, he was enlightened by two assertions in the book: first, the evolution of technology has its internal logic; and second, technology does not just include practical technologies such as IT technology. Various systems of human society can also be counted as a category of technologies. This has opened up his thinking on both technology and economics, and has become a compass for his exploration of future technological trends. He believes blockchain is one of the most promising technologies because of its technological and institutional revolution.

Deng Guanglei’s joining aelf was full of surprises. He and Chen Zhuling, aelf’s COO, are University alumni and they are from the same home city. They have known each other for more than 10 years, and even though they were working and living in Singapore, they had no clue that the other person was fighting hard in the blockchain industry or had a keen interest in blockchain. The more Deng Guanglei learned about the underlying technical details of blockchain, the more he could not help but want to participate in this revolution. By chance, Deng Guanglei was introduced by other friends and learned about aelf, a new generation project of bottom public chain. When he browsed the official website, he was pleasantly surprised to find the figure of Zhuling.

Besides the coincidence of being Chen Zhuling’s alumni, Deng Guanglei has another reason to join aelf. He explained, "First of all, years of experience in banking have made me see the low efficiency of the use of existing technology in the banking industry when dealing with trust issues. Blockchain technology can fundamentally solve the problem of authority management, data protection and accountability tracking in banking systems. For the time being, it is still a long way to go before the blockchain technology 'revolves' or transforms the bank. Now that we have seen the future, instead of waiting passively for it to arrive, it is better to actively implement it."

Secondly, when interacting with the Founder Ma Haobo, Deng Guanglei found out that Ma Haobo has rich experience and profound insights in terms of blockchain, which also allowed Deng Guanglei to understand the design philosophy of aelf more clearly. So he decisively joined aelf, the best team in the industry so far.

Deng Guanglei believes that aelf is thinking of the blockchain as an engineering problem. Unlike Ethereum, which complicates the issue from the perspective of computer science, aelf emphasizes flexible solutions to practical problems.

Deng Guanglei stated that "blockchain is a revolutionary innovation, and its impact on human society may exceed that of the Internet. The Internet has mainly solved the problem of collaboration efficiency among economic entities, but has not fundamentally affected the cooperative relationship. Blockchain has the ability to reconstruct the existing organizational structure, even the social and economic system, and become the bottom operating system of human civilization, making the human society fairer, safer and freer. So it is very exciting to witness and join the revolution. "

Deng Guanglei is confident in several key technologies of aelf: First, the multi-stage sidechain structure of aelf is a very brilliant structure. It can well balance the structure of the overall and local information exchange. In fact, from the IP protocol used on the internet to the galaxies in nature share this same structure. Second, the DPoS consensus used by the aelf’s main chain is more flexible. It allows the entire system to evolve itself and achieve a better balance between decentralization and efficiency. In addition, aelf uses cloud computing to process transactions so that the system’s processing power can truly adapt to business needs.

For most people, it is easy to have a sense of novelty towards a new thing but not for trying it with courage. And others may even judge us when we try. Think back to the past carefully and you will find that when we were young, we courageously urged ourselves to face every unknown, to walk for the first time, to ride a bicycle for the first time, and to leave home to study for the first time... Yes, just as a quote from Kerouac’s novel “ever youthful, ever weeping”.

If you do not set restrictions on yourself, there is no barrier that you can restrict in your life. Stepping out of his comfort zone to join aelf and to devote himself to blockchain is the first limit that Deng Guanglei broke through. Now, he is further looking forward to working with aelf and achieve more of the impossible. The future has come and the future can be expected.

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