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The BingoGame Public Testing is Over, But Not Really Over

Has the first public testing of the aelf in 2020 ended? Far from it! Bingogame’s Plus Bonus will keep coming!

The first public testing of aelf (BingoGame Demo AEUSD) was concluded on July 15th 2020. Based on the 1st trial held in the saelf governed community on Telegram, the public testing of BingoGame Demo was open to all aelf users.

The Bingo Game Demo is the smallest feasible application of the blockchain random number technology introduced by aelf. BingoGame has significant innovations as its data are moved onto blockchain and is played online with a random number blockchain system. It also provides users with an interactive and entertaining experience, giving them a taste of the charm of blockchain technology firsthand.

The week-long public testing drew more than one hundred community members, with 206 downloads on Android and 54 downloads on iOS. The event was also widely discussed in our Telegram community, and was well received by nearly 100 users. Here are some of the feedback: “this is a very interesting betting game, and the rules are fair”; “although it’s only a Beta version, it has a beautiful interface, is easy to use, and runs smoothly”; “I hope aelf will hold more events and projects that can get all the community users involved”.

Going forward, aelf will continue to focus on R&D, improve the product system, organize more high-quality activities to interact with the community.

Coming up next, Bingogame’s Plus Bonus will open from July 17th to July 24th. If you have participated in the BingoGame public testing, please tell us your feedback on BingoGame in the comments section of the event tweet, and @ 3 friends. Each day, we will choose 2 users who notched up the most likes and give out 30 ELF each! Join now to win ELF!

Note: The aelf team will clear the data at 16:00 pm (GMT +8) each day. Users who post the same feedback every day will not be rewarded extra.

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