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The Sixth Round Node Election Result: OKEx Pool and marbleGameFI were Elected as Production Nodes

On December 30th, 2021 3:20 P. M. (GMT+8), OKEx Pool and marbleGameFI were elected as production nodes. The newly elected nodes have been devoted to block production and validation work on aelf mainnet. By press time, aelf mainnet is operated in stable condition with a height of 65,021,003.

So far, the number of production nodes on aelf mainnet has approached 13. They are FBG, aelf-Genesis-Node-№3, aelf-Genesis-Node-№4, RockX, aelfie, aelf-Genesis-Node-№1, aelf-Genesis-Node-№5, Timestamp_Guardian, bountyblok, aelf-Genesis-Node-№2, HuobiPool, OKEx Pool, and marbleGameFI (ranked in received tickets from high to low). The 13 production nodes have received a total of 30,268,688 tickets from community voters.

According to the node election rules and the number of user votes, 17 seats for production nodes will open gradually until filled. aelf team is working aggressively on improving the expansion of aelf ecology.

About OKEx

OKEx is one of the world’s well-known digital asset trading platforms, which mainly provides currency and derivatives trading services for digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many more to users around the world. We adopt global server load balancing, distributed server clusters, distributed storage, multi-machine mutual back-up high-speed memory transaction engine, cold wallet, and hot wallet with offline private keys. OKEx uses multiple terminals such as Web, mobile, and PC to offer safe, stable, and credible digital asset transaction services. Meanwhile, we never stop innovating and improving our user experience to make cryptocurrency trading and investing available for everyone.

About Marble GameFi

The Node address at ELF_2AQV***7TJN_AEL, its configuration is attached below:

Main Chain: 8 Core, 16G Memory, 500GB Disk

Sidechain: 8 Core, 16G Memory, 500GB Disk

— -

Enter the aelf mainnet blockchain browser to view detailed information:



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