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The Top of OASIS Come to its Conclusion: Congratulations to the Winners

February 28th marked a successful conclusion of aelf Metaverse hackathon — Top of OASIS. An open, diversified, and prosperous ecology is gradually taking shape. aelf Metaverse hackathon round one is under the theme of Top of OASIS, jointly launched by aelf and DoraHacks.

Top of OASIS hackathon has invited global developers. During the event, we have received a flux of registrations from nearly 100 technical teams, 27 of which completed the project submission on time.

Nine excellent developer teams stand out through a five-day evaluation (February 24th - February 28th). They will receive a cumulative bonus of $680,000 and durable technical support from aelf. Subsequently, the projects will contribute to the construction of aelf prosperous, healthy, and secure ecology.

Top of OASIS Winners List

Grant Prize Distribution

In the Grant session, which invites a Quadratic Voting mechanism, the winning projects will receive the following two types of bonuses:
1. aelf provides the original prize pool of $100,000 worth ELF token. The pool will be distributed according to the Quadratic Voting algorithm;
2. Direct donation from voting users (counted ELF voted out by users will directly go to the winning projects).


  1. All the award-winning teams will be able to claim the rewards once deployed on aelf by September 1st, 2022.
  2. All award-winning projects (except Grant Prize-winning projects in Quadratic Voting) can obtain the aelf exclusive honorary series NFT [Arcane], which entitle important rights and interests to developers. Submitters or teams who meet the entry requirements can receive a $100 worth ELF and a memorial NFT [Sunstrider].

Through the Metaverse hackathon — Top of OASIS, aelf assembles brilliant global developers to enrich aelf ecology. Experienced developers can polish their expertise with generous funds, technology, market resources offered by aelf. aelf would like to deliver our profound gratitude to our participants, judges, and sponsors for your support, help, and trust.

aelf 2022 spring hackathon is under preparation for a new geekfest, with new exploration and upgrade. Join our communities for more information:




ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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