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The Top of OASIS Demo Day 1: Join the Meeting on Jan. 25th

In line with the event’s timeline and to meet with the community’s passion towards the promising projects that would deploy on aelf, we are glad to hold a series of DEMO webinars where the representatives of participating projects would e-meet aelf global users. Each DEMO webinar, we will invite 3 to 4 project representatives to walk us through the vision and utilization of their project. The first webinar will be held on January 25th, 2022 5:00 P. M. (GMT+8).

In the first webinar, we are glad to have the Salsa Valley game, SaintZone game, Awaken swap, Energy8, and Forrest NFT. In the 1-hour webinar, representatives of each project will have 10 minutes to show the highlighted innovations of their projects and how they are to contribute to aelf ecology.

Since the launch of Top of OASIS — aelf Metaverse Hackathon on December 12, 2021, we have seen a flux of global registrations across the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, India, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Spain, and so on. Myriad innovative projects are actively involved. In the future Demo webinars, we will see more projects.

About SaintZone

SaintZone is a Diablo-style ARPG game based on the European mythological system. It innovates in its convergence with DAO, NFT, and DeFi. The game allows players to enjoy an immersive game experience in 3A-level graphics with a high degree of freedom. Players can earn ample rewards through their achievements.

About Salsa Valley

Salsa Valley is an NFT and crypto-Mooniverse based on the animated series «Salsa Valley Stories». Users can communicate, attend lectures about blockchain technology, open representations of their own blockchain projects, explore the crypto-world, create new objects in it, and earn Salsa Tokens for their game actions.

About Energy8

Energy8 represents innovative technology in the field of DeFi Games. The uniqueness of the technology brings new opportunities to the world of the crypto industry. By now, Energy8 has launched online beta testing of the servers for the computer game Minecraft. Soon GTA5 will be available too.

About NFT Forrest

NFT Forest is an NFT marketplace that connects artists, product project owners and collectors. It is compatible with erc721 and erc1155. Anyone can explore and discover new values in this mysterious and colorful NFT Forest.

About Awaken Swap

Awaken Swap is a decentralized finance platform deployed on the aelf blockchain and utilizes the idle assets from exchange to develop the lending market.



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