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The Top of OASIS Hackathon Invites Global Developers with Abundant Grants

The pre-registration of the “Top of OASIS” hackathon comes to be fruitful. aelf team has collected 60 registrations from individuals or teams around the world. The hackathon aims to empower aelf network with excellent projects that are innovative, user-friendly, and practical. Opening on December 12th, aelf team has prepared a series of assistances, aiming the quick landing of excellent projects on the aelf network.

The Seed Fund Grants of $500,000

Apart from grand prizes like quadratic funding worth $100,000, aelf also prepares a bountiful seed fund to promote the quick landing of GameFi projects on aelf. The seed fund worth $500k is targeted for outstanding GameFi projects so as to meet the increasing demand of GameFi enthusiasts as well as aelf development vision.

A Long-Term Support Plan to Foster Metaverse-related Projects on aelf

aelf also prepares a long-term support plan to assist promising projects from four dimensions.

Technical Support

Participants will be invited to aelf developers’ community so that aelf will be able to build an in-person relationship so that to trace developers’ technical needs in the long run. Also, aelf will have our technical advisor/s organize at least one workshop every month.

Funding Support

aelf establishes the OASIS Fund for the hackathon to foster the development of metaverse-related projects. And the fund will be distributed in two ways.

  • Support high-reward missions on GitHub related to aelf’s metaverse infrastructure construction.
  • Be used as the seed fund of aelf’s future hackathons.

Ecological Support

Prime Use of aelf Sidechains. All participating projects will be entitled to use the sharing sidechain with a partial reduction of sharing sidechain charging fee. The award projects will also have the priority to apply for exclusive sidechains according to the proposal for the sidechain developer support plan in aelf Economic and Governance White Paper.

Exclusive NFTs. All the submitted projects will be awarded an NFT that belongs to the Sunstrider series. Winning projects will also be rewarded with an Arcane NFT. Arcane is a laureate aelf NFT series that grants owners with ecological priorities: additional voting weight in aelf future hackathons, fast-pass on proposals, and exclusive identification in aelf community.

Marketing Support

Participants will receive constant media exposure from aelf’s global media partners and aelf community. The names will be mentioned in the top-tier crypto presses like Cointelegraph, NewsBTC, 8BTC, and many more. The most valuable participating individuals or teams will also be invited to the joint interview conducted with aelf.

“Top of OASIS” hackathon is a critical preparation phase for aelf to embrace its ecological explosion. And for developers, this is a valuable chance to catch the attention of renowned presses and powerful capital. Furthermore, here you can accumulate essential experience in development and the industry through related blockchain exchanges and project competitions. Therefore, we are earnest to invite talented enthusiasts and excellent practitioners to register for the event, and we’re looking forward to seeing what a brighter future will be on aelf with all your contribution.

If you’re interested in joining the Top of OASIS with your work, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions:






ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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