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Top of OASIS $100,000 Quadratic Prize Pool Opens

Voting to earn 100,000% return. Tutorial included.

On December 14th, 2021, aelf opened the Quadratic Voting for Funding event, offering $100,000-worth ELFs to fund developers’ innovative projects. This Quadratic Voting is now available on HackerLink. ELF token holders are invited to join the evaluation of the participated projects’ influence on aelf ecology by voting. The voting in the Quadratic Voting has a determinate effect on the distribution of the $100,000 ELF prize. The voted ELF tokens will go to the developer teams.

Intending to return the favors from aelf global community users, aelf has set up a voting-return mechanism. Up to a thousand-fold return, the reward is planned to incentivize participation in Quadratic Vote. ELF holders can vote for projects that they believe have great potential and will benefit the ecosystem. These votes will help the project win funding, and the ELFused in voting will go to the receiver projects.

Quadratic Voting Rules

Under the Quadratic Voting algorithm, the cost of every single voting to the same project will gradually increase, which encourages community voters to vote for different projects and the truly appreciated projects by them. The voting rules are as follows:

Quadratic Voting Return Awards

Voters who participated in the voting have a chance to join the raffle, where the return could approach 1,000 times. The setting of prizes is attached below.


  • The wallet address of the voters will automatically enter into the Raffle agreement.
  • If Adam voted 1 ticket (1 ELF), the first prize grants Adam with 1,000 ELF tokens in return; the second prize grants Adam with 100 ELF tokens in return; the third prize grants Adam with 10 ELF tokens in return.

Project Airdrops

Users who participate in the voting will have the opportunity to receive airdrop rewards from the projects. Airdrops will be distributed by the participating projects after the end of the hackathon. aelf will regularly organize community AMAs for participating projects. More project information and airdrop information will be answered during the AMA process. Welcome to join:

Voting Tutorial

Voting time: Jan. 12th to Feb. 24th, 2022

Vote via HackerLink:

Owns an account with aelf wallet.

Make sure you have a sufficient $ELF balance and gas fee ($ELF) in your sidechain (_tDVV) wallet address.

Please vote on PC (better via Chrome extension).

  1. Preparation

a. First, install the following tools before conducting the token swap:

b. Deposit a certain amount of ELF token in your aelf wallet on the sidechain address, which ends with tDVV.

c. Confirm your transaction to complete.

If you have any questions or if you experience any unmentioned obstacles, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Telegram. Our admin will be very willing to answer your questions.

2. ClickBUIDLsto view the participating projects.

3. Click “Vote” to support and choose your wallet.

4. Once the wallet is connected (the wallet address should appear in the voting interface), key the amount you want to vote. The Nth vote will cost N*1 ELF, so if you’re going to give 3 votes, you need to pay 1+2+3=6 ELF.

5. Click “Confirm” to finish.

6. After voting, you can check the current project ranking via the leaderboard.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: Can I see my voting history?

Voting history is unavailable for voters at the moment. But builders are able to view your address at the end of the hackathon.
However, if you would like to verify the validity of your votes, you are able to view your voting history via

Q2: Can I use bots to mass vote for some project?

Absolutely don’t do this. Botting and other ways of cheating will be detected by our anti-Sybil attack mechanism, which is why a grace period (3–5 days) is being issued for such a purpose. Please keep in mind that botting will NOT grant your supported projects in any stance of superiority nor impact the prize pool distribution in your favor.

Q3: Can the project with more votes get a bigger share of the prize pool?

According to the Quadratic Funding mechanism, popularity is the basis of the distribution of the prize pool. If a project is supported by more VOTERS (rather than votes), it will receive more prizes by the end.
For example, A project with 10 votes from 10 voters will be prized more than a project with 10 votes from fewer voters.

Q4: Who receives the $ELF I paid?

The votes (or we call “donations”) will go directly to the projects.

Q5: Why can’t I vote?

Invalid voting may occur for multiple reasons, please ensure that you:
- Own a sufficient amount of $ELF in your wallet.
- Connected to HackerLink: you should be notified with a pop-up page on your wallet that asks for authorization to connect with HackerLink. Once you authorized the action, your account number should appear in the voting interface.

If the problem still can’t be resolved, please contact Voter Support at Telegram via




ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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