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Top of OASIS — aelf Inaugural Metaverse Hackathon Opens Today

aelf’s first metaverse-themed hackathon — Top of OASIS — has opened on December 12th, 2021. Participants are invited to submit their projects anytime before Feb. 9th, 2022. The distribution of the $680,000 prizes will be announced on Feb. 15th, 2022.

The Top of OASIS Hackathon aims to support early-stage projects and ideas from open-source developer communities, allowing both community members and organizations to participate in funding developer projects and blockchain ventures. The hackathon aims to enlarge while increasing the diversity of aelf developer community that will help projects grow and eventually join the aelf ecosystem.

Following the industrial news closely, the event has drawn great attention from practitioners who are willing to jump into the Meta-universe with wet shoes. According to the publicized re-registration record, aelf team has received willing contacts of 60 individuals/teams from the United States of America, Singapore, Britain, Canada, China, India, Japan, Turkey, Spain, etc.

How to Apply for the Top of OASIS

Early-stage and established teams across any above-listed spaces are encouraged to participate in the hackathon. To apply, participants should follow below instructions:

  1. Participants need to build a project on the aelf blockchain and be fully open-source, with repository access provided for judging and testing.
  2. One participant, as an individual or as a group, can only get the same prize once.
  3. All of the submitted projects are required to provide a demo video and demo pitch, which should include a demo of the working application.
  4. All of the submitted material content should not infringe the intellectual property rights of others.
  5. Participants need to ensure his/her/their personal legibility.

aelf team sincerely invite all the practitioners to join the event. We really look forward to seeing your projects! The final results will be revealed on Feb. 15th, 2022, whose evaluation should be conducted equally by the judging committee.



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