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Top of OASIS Hackathon Postponed its Submission Deadline to February 15th, 2022

Since the launch of Top of OASIS — aelf Metaverse Hackathon on December 12, 2021, we have seen a flux of global registrations across the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, India, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Spain, and so on. Myriad innovative projects are actively involved.

Under certain considerations and as we are receiving many requests, aelf decided to extend the deadline for project submission to February 15, 2022, reserving participants sufficient development time and facilitating the generation of quality projects!

The renewed schedule is shown in the graph below:

In the year 2022, the quality of Metaverse-themed projects will be improved dramatically with the popularization of the concept. aelf has seized the chance, offering our marketing, advanced underlying technology, and funds to support the development and deployment of promising projects.

The inaugural Top of OASIS hackathon collaborated with Dorahacks, is just the beginning. We believe that with the joining of talented developers, the continuous updating of technologies, and the growing applications, aelf is about to embrace its new era with a flourishing ecology that could be the Metaverse for everyone.



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