Try the Testnet DApp — aelf Account Management Demo, and win ELF rewards!

May 13, 2020 · 2 min read


Decentralized Wallets are representative applications based on blockchain technology. In general blockchain systems, the most common blockchain accounts require users to know public and private keys, addresses, mnemonics and even keystores, which makes it very difficult for users to get started and use.

In the aelf Account Management Demo, we use a QR code to represent the account, users only need to generate and save the corresponding QR code and Password to login.

The aelf Account Management Demo can be used as a ‘development template’ for developers to integrate into their own DApps or wallets. All applications based on the aelf ecosystem can utilize this template to complete the accounts management component.


aelf will hold an exciting reward driven activity exclusively in the Saelf governed community to give users a deeper understanding of the aelf account management demo.

Time: May 13th, 2020–24:00 May 24th, 2020 (GMT + 8)

① aelf Account Management Demo features

Main features

  • Register and back up your Qr Code.
  • Login via Qr Code and password.
  • Transfer & Receive assets

② Event rules:

Participation Requirements
- Only members in the saelf governed community can participate.
- iPhone Only

Steps - Complete the following 4 steps to start your journey:

  1. Submit your UDID here (Use Safari to open this link to get your UDID)
  2. Download aelfAccountTemplateRN (Alternate links, may be replaced later)
  3. Submit Your ‘aelfAccountTemplateRN’ account address here to receive your test tokens.
  4. Submit your feedback here

③ Awards

Rewards range from 52ELF to 888ELF, and after users submit feedback questions, the aelf team will evaluate the quality of feedback to select the specific amount of reward.

Aelf encourages everyone to participate in this demo and hopes that users can get a more in-depth understanding of how to use the aelf account management demo. We really appreciate any suggestions or feedback!

Preview 2 is Live
aelf Enterprise v1.0.0 Preview 2 is live and is an enterprise-ready, integrated blockchain solution. The ‘main chain + multi-side chain’ structure, ‘cluster’ data center, parallel computing system, AEDPoS consensus, and multi-governance model progress the integration of blockchain technology across a variety of applications.

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