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Tutorial: How to Get your aelf Wallet Address

A step-by-step guide for creating aelf wallet

FIRST, install the following tools beforehand.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome aelf wallet extension(Night Elf):

aelf Wallet app (aelf Wallet)

Those who do not have an aelf wallet account can follow this tutorial to register:

Google Play
AppStore —
Testflight (General) —

SECOND, register your aelf Wallet address.

Option No.1:Use Google Chrome aelf wallet plug-in (Night Elf) to register aelf mainnet identity

  • First, you need to enter a password with a length of at least 9 digits, which must have a certain degree of complexity. It can contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers. Then click the [Create Wallet] button.
  • Through the previous step, you can see the NightELF User Agreement, please read it carefully and decide whether you want to use NightELF, then click Agree or Refuse.
  • Click [Key Pairs] and [Create Keypair].
  • Enter the Keypair name, click [create Keypair], write down the Mnemonic, and click [Next].
  • Re-select the mnemonic phrase and click [Submit] to complete the registration. The interface will automatically return to the [Key Pairs], where all the identities will be listed. Click [Copy Address] and copy the ID below, which is the aelf mainnet address.

Option No.2: Register through aelf Wallet to obtain an aelf mainnet identity.

  1. Import the wallet into the Night_Elf extension by means of mnemonics or keys. For details, please refer to:

*You can NOT send assets over the Night_Elf extension. For transactions, please use the mnemonic to import your mainnet aelf identities into aelf Wallet APP or go to web wallet.

2. Login aelf wallet extension with your password.

3. Connect with your Browser Extension.

4. The address shown in the green box is your aelf address.

Here you are all set to go.



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