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Jun 1, 2019 · 6 min read

While the aelf developers have been busy establishing a revolutionary platform suitable for enterprises, the business development team has also been at work night and day, all around the world achieving their own goals.

We have already seen some fruits of this hard work with announcements involving companies like VCC, Poseidon and Amazon Web Services. But what many don’t know is that this is just the beginning of the work for our business development team. We are constantly stressing the importance of blockchain adoption throughout enterprises and this is exactly what we are working hard to accomplish. Our team of professionals have not only been working within the blockchain industry, but have openly pursued opportunities across multiple mainstream industries.


Over the past few months we have been able to develop dialogues with many different enterprises who have been actively interested in integrating blockchain tech with their systems.

Telecom Industry

Location: Leading players in Europe, China (Mainland & Taiwan), Thailand, Japan, Indonesia

We are currently in discussion with multiple telecommunication companies and providers who are expressly interested in using aelf as their platform to launch blockchain services. These enterprises already have large customer bases numbering in the millions and are seeking to provide them with more diversified services. One example of this is in the ability to minimize fraud within the telco industry. This can surface in identity fraud or roaming fraud. Flowing on from this point comes the second use case that telcos have identified as key uses for blockchain. IaaS, or Identity-as-a-Service and data management go hand in hand with Distributed Ledger Technology. A third use case in which we will be able to help these enterprises enhance their services is through the aid of 5G enablement, specifically in distributed node management and selection.

Internet Industry

Location: China, Japan, Middle East

Similar to telecommunication providers, internet providers can utilise many of the use cases and are in discussions with us on how best to enable this. Some of the internet services are already digital native, therefore blockchain brings in the value of transparency, uniqueness of digital possessions, etc. Through the use of the aelf platform, local companies will be given a great opportunity to go global. Blockchain technology will provide a framework in which Internet providers can create a decentralized marketplace where users can buy and sell their excess data globally.

Fintech Industry

Location: China, South East Asia

This industry is broad and we have received interest from a few different companies within this industry. Blockchain allows instant transaction confirmation and settlement thanks to ledger technology. This opens up great opportunities to establish efficient global payment systems and liberate peer to peer transfers. This requires innovative fintech companies to master blockchain technology as well. Therefore we believe it is crucial to work with the right partners to develop these fintech solutions. Examples of enterprises we are currently in discussions with include a large real estate developer and a financial company looking to enhance their cross-border remittance solution.

Gaming Industry

Location: China, Korea, U.S.

This industry is one that excites aelf and has received attention from many emerging blockchain platforms. Keeping in line with our cutting edge approach, we are looking for new forms of games on blockchain rather than just moving a game onto blockchain, as this will limit the user base and does not add real value. A lot of new ideas are coming out of gaming industry and we are excited about what will develop from our discussions and already established networks.

Other Industries

Location: Singapore, Middle East

We are exploring incentive and management solutions for companies both internally and externally with multiple partners and enterprises globally.

In addition, we also see that blockchain could bring transparency into the charity industry to allow instant reporting of fund disbursement and avoid mis-usage, and have already started pursuing opportunities in the field. Social impact should always be on the radar of new technology

Aelf is changing blockchain

All the effort by our business development team would be for nought if we weren’t able to provide a platform which matched the performance of the well established platforms already being utilized by many companies around the world, such as IBM, Oracle and Microsoft Azure.

This has been done with visionary coding and developing world first features. From Parallel processing, to modular structure and cluster nodes, to complete chain interoperability, aelf has completely changed both how the blockchain is structured as well as its integration into mainstream industries and enterprises.

Parallel Processing

Scale is one of the everlasting curses that has plagued many blockchain platforms including the well known bitcoin and ethereum chains. Many projects have developed their own solution to this problem with varying degrees of success. None have truly been able to develop the parallel processing solution, until the aelf platform was released. Through the use of database separation and cluster nodes, aelf was able to deploy this technology with strong performance increases, reaching almost 15,000 transactions per second.

Modular Structure

In order to be competitive and ensure the environment for adoption is at its best, we have broken down the blockchain into a highly modularized framework. This provides to key benefits to any enterprise seeking to build on aelf. First, by breaking the blockchain creation process down with modules, it is now a much easier and quicker process for enterprises to build their own blockchain. But in addition, this allows them to customize the blockchain to a large degree with minimal time and resources, resulting in a very customized and unique blockchain suited exactly to their needs.

Cross Chain Communication

No mid to large enterprise can truly achieve success without the ability to interact with other players in the industry, partners, or clients. On the blockchain, this can cause a thorn in the side of many early adopters. The aelf blockchain has developed their ecosystem to ensure this issue will never develop on their platform. Not only will chains be able to communicate and interact with each other on the aelf platform, but they will eventually be able to interact with other blockchains, not running on aelf.


Now that the aelf enterprise 0.7.0 beta platform has been released, it is encouraging to see the hard work from both our developers and business development team starting to show fruits. We are very excited to continue to bring announcements of partnerships and collaborations over the coming months and believe we have just seen the beginning of a very powerful and game-changing piece of technology. Although we have listed some very strong industries that could benefit from the aelf platform, we believe our tech can be used by many other industries yet untouched by blockchain.

Disclaimer: Due to NDAs and ongoing discussions, many enterprises have not been announced in this article. Not all discussions are guaranteed to lead to MoUs, but all industries mentioned have shown a direct interest to build upon aelf and are in serious discussions on the viability of said proposition.

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