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Winner Announcement of Legend X Hackathon: 11 Projects Share Grand Prizes

Congratulations to the winning projects!

aelf’s Web3.0-themed hackathon, Legend X, has officially ended as of June 30 and winners of each award have been determined. It marks a new phase in the building of a well-functioning, versatile, and pioneering ecosystem.

Thanks to the help and support from our reliable co-host Devpost, the event has achieved more than we ever expected, with more than 300 teams or individuals participating. There are even several fully deployed projects that are available for use now and projects uniquely designed to serve aelf ecosystem.

After thoroughly evaluating all the qualified projects, our judging panel has finally decided upon these 8 projects as winners in each track. Also, taking into consideration the community preference and many other factors, they picked 3 projects for our theme awards. See the full list below.


  1. aelf sets two claiming chances for the winning projects. The first one is September 1st, 2022; and the second is December 15th, 2022. The winning projects could accordingly adjust their development process. Once they complete the deployment, they can claim the prizes on the claiming time.
  2. To meet the prize claiming requirements, winning projects shall ensure the projects have been fully deployed onto aelf tDVW chain, are capable of running as planned, and don't contain any obvious bugs.
  3. Based on the project’s function and usage, some specific requirements might be added. If applicable, our tech team will contact each project separately to inform them.
  4. All the prizes will be distributed in the form of ELF.

From Top of Oasis to Legend X, aelf has always been grateful to our community and hackathon participants for all the support they generously offered. In the future, we would repay your trust with more events, better experience, and higher service standards.

This time, we are delighted to see that many excellent projects have completed deployment onto aelf’s TestNet, represented by aelf TestNet Faucet, aelf.LatchBox, aelf Blazor SDK, Chain Proposal, aelf Tracker, Community Funding, and aelf toolkit. This is a positive signal for all developers who wish to contribute to blockchain technology, Web3.0 in particular. By now, aelf’s ecosystem has witnessed strategic progress, with its infrastructure supporting interoperability and unlimited scalability and businesses covering DeFi, GameFi, NFT, metaverse, and Web3.0.

As aelf is making steady progress in improving its infrastructure, radical changes have been observed in the ecosystem since the mainnet launch. Now, with two hackathons successfully hosted and more stunning projects deployed, aelf is ready and well-equipped for the upcoming explosion. We shall sustain the long-term growth by consolidating the existing ecosystem and adding more interesting features at the same time.

Join us on TG or Discord to stay tuned and interact with aelf communities:





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