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Aenco Updates

⚠️Important Message⚠️Aenco Team Official Statement:

Dear Aenco Community,

As of 27 November 2019, we have been informed that certain users are experiencing withdrawal related issues with IDAX — International Digital Assets Trading Center Co. Limited (“IDAX”), one of the digital asset trading exchanges in which AEN tokens are traded on. Although the IDAX online platform remains to be operational and that we hope the exchange will be able to resolve these issues, we recommend that the members of our community be mindful of the above-reported issues when transacting and depositing digital assets on the exchange. AEN Tokens are also traded on (i) Digifinex ( and (ii) LATOKEN (https:// Thank you for your attention!


The Aenco Team

Statement Released on: 29 November 2019 (18:30 GMT+8)

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