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AENX Tester Programme — Second Round Recruitment

Open to Public, Easy to Start, Get 20 BTC!

AENX: History

The Alpha version of AENX has been launched last year in November and we invited members from our community to join us as Testers. We wrote about the success story of our testers around the world feeling passionate about helping Aenco to make our product better.

Alpha to Beta:

Now, after two months of modification and enhancement based on community feedback and tester comments, such as our fault-tolerant design that ensures high availability and system security, we are launching a Second Round of Tester Programme, inviting not just our Aenco Community Members, but everyone who’s interested in becoming a crypto exchange expert!

Be A Tester: Fast & Simple

To become our tester, follow the steps and get 20 BTC for testing:

  1. Go to this:
  2. Register for an Account
  3. While registering, please enter promotion code, “ free20
  4. Verify your Account
  5. Start Test Trading on AENX
  6. Fill in the Feedback Form (will be sent to your email)

Benefits :

➜ 20 BTC for AENX platform testing purposes

➜ First-hand information on the latest development of AENX

➜ Being part of the keynote global project of Aenco Solutions

If you wish to inquire further on the AENX Tester Recruitment Programme, please email us at





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