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Aenco Lab 🧪: 5 Things you should know about AEN Smart (AENS), our upgraded utility token — June 2020

Aenco seeks to maintain your trust by enacting timely positive changes and technology upgrades when we see evolving circumstances demand.

We have recently announced our community migration of AEN tokens, to a technologically-upgraded token contract distributed as the AEN Smart (AENS) Token. All AENS tokens have been airdropped to eligible persons for free earlier this week. But what do you know about our new token? Join us as we walk you through the latest fortified version of the AEN Smart Token at Aenco Laboratory🧪: 5 Things about AEN Smart (AENS), our upgraded utility token!

📌1. Why are we upgrading AEN to AENS?

It’s because we are a socially responsible company, and we sees the safeguarding of token utility and safety of user assets as our core value. The upgraded AENS Token showcases added technology and user safety protection, mainly as strengthened technical features and protective measures for token holders.

📌2. What’s so good about the new AENS Token?

The AENS Token adopts substantial shift from the computation of older Ethereum versions to recent versions. The new AENS smart contract is coded with the latest add-on capabilities pertaining to whitelisting, blacklisting, as well as pause and burn features, which the previous AEN Token did not possess, to facilitate sustainable business operations, compliance evaluation, and user flexibility.

📌3. Who gets the free airdrop of AENS?

All current AEN Token holders were eligible to receive a ONE-for-ONE free token airdrop in AENS Token that was implemented on 15 June 2020 at 0600 AM (UTC). The new AENS Tokens are reflected in the same wallet accounts holding AEN Tokens.

📌4 .Where to trade AENS Token?

AENS Tokens are traded on LATOKEN and Digifinex, and in full replacement to the previously listed AEN Token.

📌5 . What’s the latest AENS Token supply?

The overall token supply remains to be unchanged at 4,000,000,000 AENS.

Closing Thoughts:

We seek to ensure that this community migration and value transfer is seamless as possible for all our supporters and shall ensure that the anticipated token utility within the Aenco ecosystem remain unchanged. Stay tuned for more updates, and we wish you a happy trade!

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