Pool-Party Power Suit

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There’s nothing more deflating than realizing it’s time to put on a swimsuit. Feeling a year older, paler and heavier isn’t quite motivating anyone to rush to a pool party and, even scarier, to take a very public dip. Especially in the age of social media.

But swimwear brand Swimsuits for All, no stranger to empowering swimsuit advertising campaigns, debuted Power Suit, a multigenerational campaign featuring women aged 30 to 67 showing off this summer’s latest styles. Brooke Shields, 52, and Ashley Graham, 30, are among the five women showcasing not only different body types and ages but also different professions. When was the last time there was a nurse practitioner in a swimsuit ad?

In describing its campaign, the brand’s marketing team emphasized it is “reclaiming the term and flipping it from its traditional meaning of a uniform associated with work attire.” Rather than portray how insecure and oversexualized women can feel in a swimsuit, the Power Suit campaign seeks to show how powerful and confident they can look and feel instead.

When was the last time there was a nurse practitioner in a swimsuit ad?

But don’t look for frumpy swim skirts here; the bikinis and one-piece suits are stylish. As viewed on HarpersBazaar.com, these suits — and their wearers — are as stunning as they are empowering.