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In this article we will cover our upcoming Aergo Governance Network — Aergo Agora. We touch base on frequently asked questions on our developments towards a DAO — The Aergo Steering committee, and our Aergo Agora Execution plan. Read on to find out more..

What is Aergo Agora

We have coined the name for our governance network as Aergo Agora; named after The Agora — an open space that serves as a meeting ground for various activities for citizens in ancient Greek cities (ie. Ancient Agora of Athens). The literal meaning of the word Agora is “gathering place” or “assembly”. This was the epicenter for athletic, spiritual, artistic, and political life in the city.

The adaptation of the Agora paints a brief picture, but to go into detail, Aergo Agora is the new on-chain governance system that aims to be a business-minded DAO and decentralised decision-making framework. Aergo token holders can participate and contribute in making governing decisions for the Aergo ecosystem through Aergo Agora. Aergo Agora will be transforming Aergo to become a fully democratic, self-sustaining, and open ecosystem.

Introduction of the Agora Steering committee

To ensure sound and successful implementation of this new model through gradual steps, the Aergo Foundation will be introducing the Agora Steering Committee. The committee will focus on project screening and community vote seeding, to allow a more orderly and focused pipeline of ideas to be put forward. Members of the Agora Steering Committee will comprise, but not be limited to, Aergo’s existing leadership team and members from its very experienced advisory board, as well as Blocko’s research and development team.

Aergo Voting Page

We’ve updated our voting page including Aergo Agora. The update allows you to view the current status of votes and submit your own votes and is a major shift in how the network operates.

Check it out at

Aergo Agora Governance Voting

As of currently, there are three AIPs (Aergo Improvement Proposals) currently open for AERGO token holders to participate in making decisions regarding the project direction for development, marketing, and Agora operation. This is a major move in part of becoming a more decentralised network.

You can check how to participate in AERGO AGORA. This grants you the power, and your participation will ultimately make the protocol become decentralised progressively moving forward. Now, AERGO tokens function not just as a utility token, but also as a governance token.

Since your vote has a tremendous impact on AERGO protocol. We encourage you to join us on our journey:

Aergo Agora execution plan in three phases

➡️ Phase 1 (Q2 2020): Incubation period

The current staking framework for BP election will be extended in functionality to allow the community to vote on broader topics, proposals, and resolutions. Our current reporting processes (such as the QPU) will be transformed digitally, allowing the community to access the information in real time through the ledger residing on the Aergo blockchain.

➡️ Phase 2 (Q3 2020): Maturity and Expansion

Significant pilot programs in select areas, coupled with the formation of the Agora Steering Committees for the Aergo ecosystem (aimed at screening and guiding the subsequent community).

➡️ Phase 3 (Q4 2020) : Full launch

As the incubation and maturation periods for Aergo Agora come to completion, Aergo Agora will be officially launched with a new on-chain governance system with a business-minded DAO and decentralised decision-making framework.

We will be releasing further news as we implement upgrades to the Aergo blockchain and enter the various phases of the Aergo Agora transition. Until then, stay tuned to our socials and look out for our releases!

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