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Blockchain Markets: Bullish Or Bearish: The Aergo Comeback

It Is Evident That Blockchain Markets Have Seen An Unprecedented Ride Since The Beginning Of This Year

Introduction: Bullish vs. Bearish: Bullish Comeback Or Trap?

Since the beginning of 2021, Bitcoin, Ethereum and the totality of blockchain markets have surged in value at an unprecedented rate. Bitcoin, reached an all time high in mid April of approximately $63,000 per coin and Ethereum, reaching an all time high of $4100 dollars shortly after on May 10th. Since then, cryptocurrencies have seen a major pullback, to a point where Bitcoin has tumbled down to $28,000 (although recently recovering to approximately $42,000) and Ethereum stumbling down to $1800. Although the recent Ethereum London Fork and the consistent burning of Ethereum has been identified as a major catalyst on why Ethereum is roaring back to the $3000 dollar mark. Blockchain markets surpassed two trillion dollars in total market capitalization nearly three months ago, where cryptocurrency markets at the time of writing this article has pulled back to approximately 1.72 trillion dollars. The big question is, are we in a bull market, are we in a bear market, or are we a “Goldilocks Zone” where within the next few weeks we will determine the answer to this question, only time will tell.

Opinion: Until Bitcoin, Ethereum And Major Altcoins Rally To Near Their All-Time-Highs, We’re Only In An Uptrend

The Cycles Of Bitcoin: Bullish And Bearish: Choose Your Side

Bitcoin has seen numerous bullish and bearish trends since its inception in 2009; the markets have seen lengthening cycles and diminishing cycles and as of right now, it is difficult to determine such a notion, hence, I will coin the term “Goldilocks Zone Of Determination” as we enter Q3 of this year. Until Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins regain their all-time-highs, it is a very imprudent call to presume we’re either in a bear market or a bull market. Although the market capitalization in totality has risen in recent weeks, and 24 hour volume is now over 100 billion once again, it is evident that only time can determine whether or not this bullish momentum will continue, or we will break down to the downside as this market did in May and late July.

AERGO: The Great Comeback: Valuation Resurgence Since June

AERGO Has Seen A Massive Resurgence In Monetary Valuation Since Its June Low: Regaining A 3X In Valuation As Of August 6th

AERGO, the fast and scalable hybrid blockchain designed for private and public blockchain entities, has seen a massive rally since the “Great Altcoin Drop Of May-June 2021.” On June 21st, AERGO hit a yearly low of approximately .078 cents, but that didn’t stop the AERGO team from delivering and the fruits of their labor has become evident with the recent resurgence of price valuation of the token. Since the low in June, AERGO has regained massive monetary valuation, rallying approximately 240% into August, vaunting a price of approximately .196 cents at the time of writing this article. As of today, AERGO has risen approximately 1.47% on the daily timeframe and has found equilibrium between 16 and 21 cents; to put this into perspective, if an individual invested $10,000 dollars in June, as of right now, in early August, that investment would be worth approximately $24,000 dollars. The great question is, why has AERGO risen so much in valuation since June, well, there are many variables and events that have occurred that should be outlined that could be labeled as catalysts for the recent rise.

The AERGO Team: The Team That Never Stops Working: Mainstream Validity

The AERGO Team Has Capitalized On Mainstream Validity Through NFT Artistic Exhibition’s In Seoul, Being Featured In Korean News Networks

The AERGO team has recently capitalized on the NFT craze, providing artists with a mainstream and in-person digital exhibition for all to see! Provided by CCCV, a product of Blocko XYZ, is an incubated project by the AERGO Foundation which aims to anchor member data on the AERGO public mainnet. Recently, NFT technology has been consolidated into the CCCV product and exhibition; this exhibition enabled viewers to choose 3 out of 20 NFT works on display, and if the written work matched the top three votes, they win a prize. Provided below is a video of the exhibition. In person NFT inception, combination and collaboration, amalgamated with prizes of up to 2 million won, has given AERGO a cutting edge in mainstream adoption in the Korean community.

The Seoul Drama Awards: Democratized Voting Brought To You By AERGO

NEWSIS, A Korean Based News Agency, Highlighted The Recently Developed AERGO Voting Pikkle D’app: Realizing Its Potential For The Seoul Drama Awards

Democratized digital voting is an incumbent necessity during the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the AERGO team understood this functional approach to democracy. The Seoul Drama Awards, first conceived in 2005, has begun utilizing Pikkle for online voting for the Asia Star Award, which will begin on the 9th and conclude on the 20th. Many famous Asian Actors and Actresses have been nominated for the Award, which include Taiwanese actress Song Woon-hwa, Indonesian Amanda Manopo, Japanese actress and model Kentaro Sakaguchi and Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi. In totality, a number of 129 male/female actors spanning 5 nations including Wang Yibo and Thai actors Kitty-Chicha Amatayakul are nominated for this award, and online voting will commence utilizing AERGO’s very own Pikkle. As of July 21st, Pikkle has become domestically live in South Korea and an international version is coming in the very near future. This is mass adoption at its core; democratized voting, domestic legitimacy, and the consolidation of the Pikkle D’app/AERGO Public Blockchain and famous Asian actors and actresses.

MOU’s In Broadcasting: Television Pastime’s Highlighted And Archived Through AERGO And Blocko

Blocko XYZ, Has Recently Signed An MOU With MBC

It isn’t everyday where blockchain projects sign MOU with one of the largest broadcasting companies in their respective nations, well, AERGO has just completed such a feat. It is important to reference how and why this event is a massive win for Blocko and AERGO as a whole. MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) is one on the leading South Korean television and radio network companies. Munhwa actually means the word “culture” in Korean, and this word highlights the ethos of what Blocko and MBC are looking to create through NFT technology; the preservation of Korean television pastimes over the course of 60 years. MBC has existed for 60 years, founded on February 21st, 1961. The Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation is headquartered in Digital Media City in Mapo-Gu, Seoul and has the largest broadcast production facilities throughout the entirety of South Korea including digital production centers in IIsan and outdoor sets in Yongin Daejanggeum Park. Blocko, the technical partner of AERGO, has signed an MOU for the “Archive By MBC” program, which entails Korea’s first NFT broadcasting project, which aims to tokenize memorable and sentimental television moments in Korean television over the last 60 years. If this isn’t the zeitgeist of mass adoption within the blockchain space, I don’t know what is.

Conclusion: Whether We’re In A Bull Market, Bear Market, Or The “Great Goldilocks Zone” AERGO Continues To Work

Bull Or Bear: AERGO Aims To Become The Go-To Mass Adopted NFT And Hybrid Blockchain Platform Of Korea

AERGO has recently seen a resurgence in monetary valuation over the course of the last two months. This resurgence can be attributed to a variety of factors which include NFT mass adoption, the launch of blockchain based voting application Pikkle, and MOU’s signed with South Korea’s largest broadcasting agency. It is evident, whether this market continues to rise, or decides to fall, AERGO is here to stay, and will achieve its vision of the behemoth of South Korea.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency investing and gambling requires substantial risk, do not invest or gamble more than you can afford to lose! I am not a financial adviser and I am not responsible for any of your trades. I am an investor of Icon Coin and the information within this article represent my own thoughts and opinions. It is incumbent that you always do your own research before investing in anything!



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