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Driving AERGO forward

2022 will be the year of AERGO’s expansion. We are working closely with enterprises to secure numerous, demonstrable use cases. Through the insight gained from working with our clients, we aim to reach a wider audience through building applications that are adaptable and scalable. This led to AERGO embarking on a journey to expand its scope from being a ‘Blockchain for Businesses’ to being the “Blockchain for the world” — the team’s aspiration is for AERGO to become a blockchain platform for all. AERGO will not be bound by just enterprise technology, but an explosion of expansions into multi-dimensional technology that exists today and beyond.

We unveil today our new logo and website to show both our past and the direction where we are headed as we continue to build and evolve.

The AERGO galaxy

AERGO’s new logo embodies what global blockchain adoption looks like. An abstract wave with two different colors was inspired by our rapidly growing galaxy and wanted to emphasize AERGO’s expanded vision for a bigger ecosystem.

We hope our community members find our website to be informative and efficient. We have updated it so that each participant of our ecosystem can find what is relevant for them — whether you are a developer, enterprise, individual or part of our community.


We can define a creator as someone who produces valuable content. This encompasses a wide variety of sectors ranging from the music to sports industries. The growing adoption of blockchain technology has given rise to the concept of the metaverse, and the potential that it brings, opening the doors to an influx of individuals and entities who could leverage this technology. To best capture the opportunities in this space, we decided to launch an NFT-as-a-service for creators. Through NFT-as-a-service, creators can easily create and mint their own NFTs on top of AERGO, showcasing and exchanging their NFTs in various marketplaces. We hope this enablement will further unlock value for creators that makes the creator economy more viable and sustainable for all participants.


The recording of the Mar 2022 AERGO AMA #4 has now been uploaded on YouTube. Please follow us on social media!



The Blockchain For The WORLD AERGO, The Blockchain For Everyone.

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